Following the Artis Makeup Brush trend, Primark Beauty launched their own kind of oval brushes as a part of their new PS PRO makeup line: the Primark PS PRO Oval Blending Brushes. The collection includes 3 brushes of 3 different sizes and they all retail for an affordable price. Do they work? Are they worth a try? Are they a great Artis Oval Brush dupe? What are these toothbrush-shaped brushes doing in makeup aisles and why are they so popular? Let's have a look!

Artis is the luxury beauty brand that first put this kind of brushes on the market. The unique design of the oval brushes is meant to improve the self-application of makeup, contribute to the longevity of your makeup, have amazing blending results and be super gentle for the skin. They also claim you'll use less makeup for a full coverage finish. Primark Beauty doesn't mention any of these bold claims, but are their blending brushes hot or not?

Primark PS PRO Blending Brush Large €5.50
Primark PS PRO Blending Brush Medium €4.00
Primark PS PRO Blending Brush Small €3.50

I have to say I'm genuinely surprised about the quality of the Primark PS PRO Blending brushes. The bristles are soft, don't shed, apply and blend out product evenly on the skin and don't absorb an excessive amount of face makeup. It is perfectly possible to apply your makeup the traditional way with these brushes, the only difference is the blending technique, which is more of a dragging motion as opposed to a circling motion. The large and the medium sized blending brushes are definitely my favorite. Applying foundation has never been so quick and contouring the face is easier than ever. I think the smallest brush isn't as much of a must have, as it is a little too big for contouring the nose and not soft enough to use it on the under eye, but I can see how it could be useful to apply makeup in tricky areas (e.g. around the brows, mouth, nose). These brushes are definitely worth a try, they're not only interesting, they're actually nice to work with and offer a whole different experience when it comes to doing your makeup.