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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Shaka Beauty Concealer Stick Review

Shortly after reviewing the Shaka Innovative Beauty Blush, I received an email from Shaka's PR team asking whether I were interested in reviewing some of their new products. Since Italian makeup and fashion have always been well appreciated, I thought this was a great opportunity to share this beauty brand with you on my blog. Shaka Innovative Beauty is an affordable drugstore makeup brand sold at OVS, Upim and Coin. I've been familiar with it for quite some time as I spent 4 years living and working in Italy. I decided to start with reviewing the Shaka Innovative Beauty Concealer Sticks first. Want to see more Shaka makeup? I did a 'What's New At The Drugstore Makeup Unboxing' here.

Shaka Beauty has 14 different corrector sticks available with every shade and undertone possible, white, yellow, pink, dark, it's pretty awesome! You can have a look at the full range on the OVS website. I always find it exciting when an affordable drugstore makeup brand releases so many different shades, especially for those of you who have a darker skin tone than me, since I mostly review pale people products. The way this product is named by Shaka is a little puzzling to me, the sticks are sold and marketed as concealers but claim to be for contouring too, only on the packaging though. I assume Shaka wants to encourage their fans to try contouring and highlighting with the sticks as well. I was sent mostly darker shades so I did conceal, contour and highlight with them. 

As you might have noticed from the content you see on my website, concealer sticks have not been among my most-liked products. I'm a liquid concealer addict and those are the type of concealers you've seen come and go, from different brands, in my articles and youtube videos. In the past, whenever I tried cream or stick anything, it would appear patchy and uneven on my skin so I then decided to stick to powders instead, as my skin wasn't having any of it. Right now, makeup sticks are a trend that is making a comeback. I've noticed foundation sticks are insanely popular and so are contouring and highlighting sticks in the high end makeup spectrum, so I'm not surprised drugstore makeup brands are following their lead.

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised by the Shaka Concealer sticks. It's the first formula that doesn't crease on me or show up like a patchy mess whether I prime my skin or not, which is a miracle in itself as prepping is something that is pretty important when it comes to using products like this, especially when you have dry skin. The formula is not creamy, greasy or smooth but yet really easy to blend, leaving the skin feeling very comfortable and nourished. The Shaka Concealer Sticks also have a certain luminosity to them that makes the skin look flawless and natural, definitely like a semi dewy finish, so maybe not the best option for those of you with oily skin. The concealers don't settle into fine lines and respond very well to powder, meaning it won't cake up when set with extra product to keep your makeup in place all day long (e.g. powder foundation, powder highlight or powder bronzer). One aspect of these sticks that I particularly enjoy is their scent, they have this faint smell of yellow pudding that I just to die for (and reminds me of eating pudding during my childhood). I also need to point out how beautiful and good the quality of the packaging is, most concealer sticks come in very fragile and flimsy containers, with Shaka this is not the case! 

When I put these correctors to the test I mainly used the lightest shade, 101 Natural Rose, to conceal and highlight my face, and nr 109 Natural Beige and nr 111 Light Brown to contour my cheekbones and bronze up the perimeter of my face. The second lightest shade I received, 106 Terra Cotta, turned out way too orange for my skin tone so I ended up using that shade just once. The pigmentation of the sticks is light to medium coverage. I enjoyed using these the most to conceal blemishes and shape my face, I just like the effect of liquid concealer on my under eyes more, but that is my personal preference. These sticks are definitely worth a try, they come in a ton of different shades and work really great. Shaka gets a thumbs up from me, I'm impressed!

Shaka Innovative Beauty Concealer Stick €4.99

Available at OVSUpim & Coin.

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  1. Neither am I a foundation/concealer stick person. But this sounds good. However I do have oily skin. For contour I prefer sticks cause it helps give more of a sharp definition. Love the packaging of this. And I had never heard of this brand so thank u for sharing.


    1. I agree, contour sticks definitely give more definition to the face compared to powders. You're welcome ;)

  2. Omg, this stuff looks so pretty! I have to plan a trip to Italy to get a hold of them! The light shades should work well for my pale complexion I believe!
    Xxx Becca
    PS: Well done with getting this business deal :)

    1. It does, doesn't it? Aw thanks girl, I really appreciate it :D Xxx

  3. Fijn review! En zulke mooie foto's :) !!

  4. Sembrano veramente belli gli stick. Ma quindi le impurità vengono coperte bene? (Non volevo fare figuracce a scrivere in inglese). :)

    1. Se non hai problemi di acne eccessivo funzioneranno benissimo! Non preoccuparti per l'Inglese ;) un bacio! Xxx


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