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Monday, 31 October 2016

How To Boost Your Traffic When Using Bloglovin'

As some of you might have noticed, I had to change the feed settings of my website due to diverted content, or more accurately a potential loss of page views, visitors and money. As a result I can no longer provide a full RSS feed, which means that whenever you don't read my content directly on my website but on other platforms (e.g. Bloglovin, subscription by email etc.) there will be a read more button that will refer you to my blog. This was a direct consequence of the fact that not everyone who follows my blog through Bloglovin' actually ends up reading my articles 'inframed' on my website. As it turns out Bloglovin' doesn't embed blogposts on tablets and smartphones. They do embed the post yes, but not on your site, only on their own platform.

I've been a user of the Bloglovin' platform for years (via computer) and despite being frustrated with some of Bloglovin's practices (e.g. not being able to delete posts, and even after the 'update' that should allow you to do so I still can't as it claims the content is not mine .. ???), I keep using it because of the convenient way to follow bloggers and share content. I only discovered my blog posts were not being inframed on tablets and smartphones when I started using the Bloglovin' App. Whenever your article is read by someone who doesn't use a computer (which is not entirely accurate either, but more about that below) your blogposts are displayed completely, on the Bloglovin' platform, with only a small link saying 'view original post' on the top and at the bottom of your blog post. I find it strange that Bloglovin does not refer to this issue on the Bloglovin' FAQ page. They claim that every time a member reads an article on their site that your ads are displayed, but on tablets and smartphones your website doesn't show at all: only the content of the article that you made is visible. If my articles are displayed completely, on the Bloglovin' platform, who would bother to click on the 'view original post' link and visit my site? I doubt that my content is earning page views by being presented this way, or that it is benefiting from the ads placed on my blog. Considering smartphones and tablets are becoming the main piece of technology people are utilising this must be a huge cutback on my earnings. I later also found out this happens on computer devices when the link of your article, coming from the Bloglovin' platform, is shared on your Twitter account, see an example here. My blog post does not show on my website and does not show my ads (I also quit posting my youtube videos on their platform as monetised embedded videos, in some cases, don't show ads either). I've been wondering who is at fault here, am I the one who is supposed to protect my content (better) or is Bloglovin' breaking the rules? Do they benefit from displaying our content this way?

Looking into it I found out this does not seem to be a problem for everyone, from what I can see most content creators who use Wordpress as a blogging platform already have their articles 'truncated' or 'summarized', meaning only a little part of the article shows and it can only be read entirely on their website. For bloggers using Blogger as a blogging platform, it would appear that this is not the case. This is the part where I really would like to rant about the way our content is being handled, but I am at a loss for words. Fortunately, after a bit of highly necessary research I found a couple of articles explaining how to truncate your RSS feed on Blogger so your content is not/or no longer diverted from your site, not only by social media apps but also by scraper sites, that actually steal your content. I've definitely seen a difference in visitors to my blog, and page views ever since I solved this issue, but I really wish Bloglovin' would tackle the 'problem' as well.



  1. Thanks for sharing on the subject! I have never gotten into using Blog lovin'. I've just stuck to other social media. Btw, first time reader... Really like the site!

  2. When non-blogger people ask 'u blog?' 'What's blogging?' ' SO u JUST write reviews?' Such people need to read posts like this. People don't understand that blogging is much more than only writing a review. As a blogger I had. O clue such a thing existed 😫. Thank u for teaching me something new today. Something more to learn and check and improve on.


    1. You're welcome honey! I feel your pain, I've been advised by my therapist not to talk too much about my blog with certain people (such as my family) because of ignorant questions like this. I'm always asked if I'm paid and if I earn enough money to make a living, as if that would be a question you'd ask everyone. People have no shame! Xxx


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