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Monday, 10 October 2016

Essence 2in1 Eyeshadow & Primer Review

Just as it is important to use a primer before applying your foundation, to smooth out and prep your skin, so is it important to prime your eyelid before creating an eyeshadow look. Essence Cosmetics released a new 2in1 Eyeshadow & Primer for a longlasting, brightening and flawless finish. They have two different shades available: a white base with a yellow undertone, called 01 Nude Beige, and a pink base, called 02 Nude Rosé. Let's have a look!

I purchased nr 01 Nude Beige. It reminds me of a Paint Pot from MAC named Soft Ochrejust like the pink base, 02 Nude Rosé, could be a dupe for another Paint Pot from MAC in Painterly. MAC Paint Pots are eyeshadow bases designed to make eyeshadows stand out and prevent them from creasing. They've been a cult beauty product for years, as beauty bloggers swear by them. I always find it exciting when budget makeup brands recreate trending products.

The formula of the 2in1 Eyeshadow & Primer from Essence Cosmetics is very buttery and pigmented. The product is easy to blend and great for concealing discoloration on the eyelid. If you would compare this product to a regular cream eyeshadow I would say that this base is smoother and gives more grip to powder eyeshadows. I like to apply this primer on a clean or concealed eyelid and then powder it off with my H&M Immaculate Compact Foundation. 

I really like this eyeshadow primer, it visibly prolongs the wear of my eyeshadow looks and prevents creasing. Eyeshadows are easy to blend over top and look more radiant. I have to say I never expected to love this product so much, mostly because it looks like a simple cream concealer, I'm happy to say it's more than that. It's one of my eyeshadow staples now as it's so longlasting, and there is nothing more budget friendly than this in my makeup stash. I very much recommend it. 

Essence Cosmetics 2in1 Eyeshadow & Primer €2.89

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  1. Sounds like good stuff! Thanks for the review! :)

    Do you think it work with my skin colour?

    1. I think the pink one would be best for you :) Nude Beige is probably too light. You're welcome!

  2. I will definitely keep a look out for this when I visit my drugstore next! A good and affordable eye primer is hard to come by! Thanks for sharing! Xo.

    Sarah | Beautybyrah


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