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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Going To Therapy As A Highly Sensitive Person

I'm having one of these weird aha moments. After going down a spiral of anger, disgust, mistrust and feelings of deception towards my therapist, I think I have finally found some clarity. I was about to cancel my appointment again when I decided to google whether highly sensitive people (HSP) require a specific type of counseling. Which we don't (as far as I know), but we do need a counselor who is aware and respectful towards that fact, and I can't say that the mental health professionals I've been in touch with have been.

When I first mentioned I'm a highly sensitive person to a psychotherapist it was waved away, at the psychiatrist's office it was not taken into account at all hence the way I was treated, and at my therapy session it was dismissed and labeled as a reason not to feel or deal with certain emotions. I have written about HSP on my blog before, how it's a personality trait that influences everything in my life, but I can't believe I actually completely forgot what it entails. Whilst doing my research about the counseling, I started reading about some of the characteristics again of highly sensitive people, and there it was: the 'OMG I'm not insane' moment. After writing that whole entire tangent about how important it is that my therapist is open and honest with me about certain conditions I have such as depression and anxiety, it's making me think my therapist has no clue and probably hasn't worked with an HSP before. It honestly explains a lot, such as why I'm so aware of my surroundings, why I genuinely hate people yet am so compassionate. Why my brain runs wild on imagination, why I'm such a detailed oriented person, a perfectionist, a creative fuelled by solitude. A person bothered by others' negative energy and vile intent, fighting for honesty, justice and respect. I'm a dreamer, a girl whose mind never sleeps, whose senses run on high 24/7 and who feels so deeply it hurts. To me, life is hard and challenging. I'm sure some of the mental health issues I've been experiencing are related to my childhood but I also think that a lot of my problems don't stem from my childhood, but simply from being an HSP. By the time you read this article I will have already gone to my next therapy appointment, where I hope I'll be able to talk about how frustrated I am with my treatment at the moment and then figure out whether I should book an appointment in another facility who takes matters like HSP more seriously. 

- I found this youtube video from Cortney Chaite and I was very impressed by how accurately she describes being highly sensitive and suffering from depression and anxiety, so if you need a little bit of encouragement or inspiration I recommend it.  

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  1. Whew, this makes me all the more reluctant to seek out therapy. I know I need it, because my being extremely introverted and shy has by now evolved into a major beast of an anxiety disorder. But one of my biggest fears is that I'll not be taken serious because everything feels more intense for me, that I'll be disregarded as acting oversensitive and childish—and that . . . hits hard. Wish me luck. And best of luck to you. *hugs*

    1. I completely understand, I think if you explain it like that to a mental health professional I wouldn't worry too much. The main reason I started therapy is for my struggle with depression, so I didn't think (and neither did they) being an HSP was relevant to my case, turns out it is though 🙃 I felt very taken care off and taken seriously when I went for an intake chat. Ask for information and ask questions, be thorough about your issues! Good luck and take care honey! Xxxxxx

    2. Hey, finally came back to this place. THis is what I get for never checking the "notify me" box. >>
      Still no therapy, but I do have a social worker now who checks up with me for an hour once a week from an organisation which helps people with mental disabilities/illnesses. She's helping me to deal with phone calls, mail and financial things, accompanies me to court and doctors—all the things anxiety makes very hard or next to impossible for me to do on my own. My quality of life has improved immensely over the last half year and stabilized, so I'm hoping starting therapy later this year or probably rather some time next spring might be a thing.

      xoxo Keep posting and sharing like this, you're one of the bravest persons I know. ♥

      Say, do you have a mailbox or something I could send something to (warning, might take me half a year or so to actually do so, woops)? ^^


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