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Friday, 30 September 2016

Catrice Cosmetics Contouring Duo Stick Review

Catrice Cosmetics has two face contouring sticks available in their makeup collection: one for lighter skin nr 010 and one for medium skin nr 20. They are called the Prime & Fine Contouring Duo Sticks and are meant to define, shape and emphasize the bone structure in the face. The formula is enriched with vitamine E and argan oil for a smooth and skin caring application. The packaging fits in the palm of your hand and thus makes for a great travel makeup item, will the Catrice Contouring Duo Stick be joining you on your next holiday? Let's have a look!

I've reviewed this Catrice Contouring Duo Stick previously on my Youtube channel, and I have to say I judged the product a bit too quickly. I didn't change my mind about how little product you get for the price, but the contour and highlight itself are actually quite nice. I purchased the darkest shade, nr 020. The formula of the contour is really smooth, pigmented, easy to blend, a little too warm to be a contour shade in my opinion but a nice cream bronzer. The highlight is very different from the contour, it's greasier, very much like a cream concealer but, of course, minus the coverage. It contains particles of shimmer that reflect beautifully on the skin and the finished look is very no-makeup makeup like.

Find more information about how to use and apply the Catrice Contouring Duo Stick here. I also use the indications on the Catrice website as a guidance.

I changed my mind about the Prime & Fine Contour Stick because I had previously tried it when my skin was very dehydrated, the contour was okay but the highlighter showed pretty patchy. Now that I've been using almond oil as a moisturiser (and a makeup primer) everything applies and blends effortlessly. The almond oil doesn't leave my skin greasy and my contour and highlight stay in place right where they should. I wouldn't worry about using this on dry skin if you're all about prepping before applying your makeup, for those of you with normal to oily skin I'm positive this contouring face stick will suit you just fine. 

- Catrice Prime & Fine Contouring Duo Stick €4.59

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  1. I have shade 01 and the contour colour is cooler so it goes perfectly with my pale skin. I don't like the highlighter that much because it goes patchy on my skin. But maybe I should try to hydrate my skin a bit more :)

    Thanks for the review. It helps me so much!

    1. I was wondering if I should have gotten the light one, but I think the highlight is a little more pink? My skin is really red and I'm always afraid that the redness will be more visible :) I agree with your feelings about he highlighter, it was what I first experienced too and having to go the extra mile every time to make a product look nice doesn't always work for everyone :) Xxx


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