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Monday, 26 September 2016

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

When I spotted this Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in the press release of the Fall/Winter makeup collection update from Catrice Cosmetics, it immediately made it into my wish list. Even though it's been a while since I've purchased a Catrice foundation, I knew a lot of you would be interested and I would lie if I said I wasn't the least bit intrigued. The packaging is eye catching and the product looks really promising. Will the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation be your new staple? Let's have a look!

Whereas most Catrice Cosmetics foundations are usually thick and creamy, this product is liquid and lightweight. The formula is pigmented, smooth and blends out beautifully on the skin. It has a full coverage finish and conceals redness and blemishes effortlessly, I'm very impressed. Not to mention the packaging, it's so luxurious and high end like. I like this Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation, the formula is unlike any other foundation they have available in their collection right now. There is however one thing that Catrice has overlooked with their new foundation, it oxidizes. When I first apply it, it matches my skin perfectly but after a 10 to 15 min wear it starts looking darker. It's nothing major but I was hoping that wouldn't happen, it's an issue I have with most of their foundations.

Catrice currently has 4 different colors available, I purchased the lightest shade, 10 Light Beige. The claims of the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation are that it lasts up to 24h and that it has a mattifying, second skin effect. In my opinion it does, it's longwearing and looks great on the skin. I think many of you will appreciate this foundation, despite it oxidizing. In my opinion it's a big improvement from what Catrice previously had to offer in the face makeup department.

Catrice Cosmetics HD Liquid Foundation €6.99



  1. Yes I have the same shade as you, and I do like it a lot, though I've only worn it 3 or 4 times so am still playing with application. It is the tiniest bit light for me so if it darkens I haven't noticed or been bothered. It's hard for me to find a foundation that isn't visible on the skin, which I hate, so I am thrilled that this is so undetectable in look and feel but it really lasts. I hate cakey, obvious stuff so have liked the newer liquidy crop such as L'Oreal Nude Magic & Maybelline Dream Wonder (Armani Maestro was the first I think but it's out of my budget) but I think I like this new Catrice even more!!

    1. I agree, I'm happy low budget brands are trying so hard to update and improve their formulas in a way that their products actually look like skin, when I was younger a cake face was the real trend haha :D

  2. Jammer dat hij oxideert, ik hoorde er zoveel goede dingen over!
    Ik ben nogal bleek dus oxidatie is een no-no.

    1. Als je een lichte huidskleur hebt is dat heel begrijpelijk, ik ben ook bleek en low budget foundations zijn niet altijd gemakkelijk te vinden dus gebruik ik soms een beetje zelf bruiner voor mijn gezicht als basis :)


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