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Monday, 8 August 2016

TOP 5 Foods for a Healthy Mind & Body

I'm not a doctor, psychologist or nutritionist but I do know first hand what depression and anxiety can do to your mind and your body. I know how tempting sugary and unhealthy foods can be and how the complete opposite, like starving yourself, can also seem like a good idea. I know how 'devouring lots of fruits and veggies' sounds like absolute bull crap, because at times that's all you eat and still, you feel worn-out and consumed by sadness. The anxiety that comes with depression also plays a big role, as it doesn't only induce fear, it often makes for a rather painful stomach, and poor digestive tract. Here are the foods that I have found that make for a healthy mindset and beat anxiety and depression to its core.

Instead of overwhelming you with the scientific health benefits of every single anti-depressant and anxiety food I eat, I want to share with you my personal experience with these foods. Science is great, but no one ever really understands what it's all about, at least I don't. I just nod, pretend, recognise words, letters and numbers, my brain tells me that it must be good, that I've heard it somewhere before and that's about it.

- The yoghurt hero

When it comes to depression getting the day started is about the hardest thing in the entire world, I know, but having breakfast can change your entire day. Something as little as having a 125g yoghurt can make a world of difference. It did for me, I started eating 1 Activia yoghurt every single morning (my doctor's advice #nonspon) and I no longer have a metal taste in my mouth, stomach pains, acid reflux and weird digestive issues, which are all symptoms of having anxiety for a long period of time. I'm currently hooked on the strawberry flavoured one, turns out what you see on tv can actually be true sometimes, and on top of that, I've never had such a flat stomach (you have no idea how much I don't want to admit that).

- Wait for the Easter bunny

When I'm feeling a little bit more courageous I have another breakfast idea that can transform your mood from sad and irritable, into good and balanced: eggs. I found out eggs contain lysine and an odd side effect of lysine is that it makes you feel good. I usually fry two eggs and eat them on warm toast. On me, the effects are pretty much instant, it also keeps me full for most of the morning, which gives a feeling of comfort, warmth and satisfaction. I highly recommend it for when you're having one of those 'worst days ever'.

- Hello brain food

Depression and anxiety make that I'm often tired and forgetful, one fruit that helps with that tremendously is avocados. Because avocados get that blood flow going, they are the ultimate brain food. I only realised the benefits of avocados when I stopped eating them. At some point I ate avocado on toast almost every single day, as a snack, and I noticed a huge difference in my mood and body when I 'quit'. I was more energised and less forgetful, I need to get back on that asap.

- I'm just gonna cashew

A handful of cashews, supposedly, works like a prescription dose of prozac. I don't know about that, but I have to say they definitely change up my mood for the better. I started putting grinded cashews in pasta recipes (I just blend it all), it's delicious, and my Italian boyfriend doesn't mind whatsoever.

- Soup the take away demon

This might sound like a strange tip, but cooking really helps to get your mind of something. I've always loved cooking, but when my mental health proved to be very unstable, eating take away sounded way better (like ... where's the pad thai?). I recommend cooking soup, it's definitely a Belgian thing, but it's so good for your digestion and easy to make. You just dump (yes you can) diced onions, potatoes, celery and carrots with lots of salt an pepper in a pot, fry it for 15 min, then add water and let it cook for 30min. I'll start off crying and end up with delicious warm soup and a more positive state of mind.


  1. That does it! I'm getting Activia as well! :D

  2. I am on day 3 of my sugar detox at the moment. I was eating too much sugar and cutting out sugar will help with my anxiety.

    1. Good luck honey! I did something similar a couple years ago and it really helped :) Xxx

  3. One of the problems I had when I was at my worst with Anxiety and Depression was that I wasn't hungry whatsoever! Having breakfast, whatever it is, is really important, as you said. And avoid skipping meals even if you're not hungry. I didn't have a particular food I ate, but I might do some more research now that I've read this post!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

    1. I understand the struggle you had, I either wanted to eat super unhealthy foods all the time or eat nothing. Making to do lists and stocking up the fridge with healthy and yummy options really helped :) Xxxx


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