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Friday, 15 July 2016

I survived another year⎜Turning 26

When I realised a couple weeks ago that it was going to my birthday today I got really upset, I didn't want to turn 26 and I didn't want to celebrate my birthday. I felt as if there was nothing to celebrate and that I didn't deserve to be celebrated. The feeling of simply not wanting to 'be' or 'exist' was overwhelming, and it quickly turned into tears. I had trouble figuring out what I had accomplished this year, what there was to be proud of, which milestones I had achieved. I took me a while but I got there eventually: I survived another year and that is good enough.

Fun fact: This is my birth announcement card, if I were born a boy my name would have been Felix, what would your name have been? 

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  1. I would have my brothers name if I had been a boy. My mother was determined that I was going to be a boy...sorry Mother! So instead she named me after both of my grandmother's. I hope you celebrate your birthday, you are A GIFT to this world! You have a blog that is growing, a YouTube channel that is amazing! You share your life on Instagram! You were a Nanny and traveled some of this world already! You didn't let Depression beat you, you get out and your facing your anxiety head on! You are a beautiful woman who can light up the day of so many people around the world with your smile and your personality! You tell those negative whispers to shut up, you are beautiful, kind, talented and deserve Love and Happiness. Happy Birthday🎂

    1. How funny that is :D Thank you so much Hazel, you are the best <3 Xxx

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je 26 jaren! Ik hoop voor je dat je een goed 27e hebt!
    Liefs sabrina


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