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Friday, 3 June 2016

Catrice Cosmetics prime and fine anti-shine blur stick review & swatches

I've tried most Catrice Cosmetics face primers, the very first one I ever purchased was the Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner in the jar, I then moved on to the Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine base sold in a tube, to end up with the one just added to their makeup collection recently: the Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Shine Blur Stick. Makeup brands are packaging everything in sticks and Catrice is following the trend, here are my thoughts.

With the temperatures rising, I noticed my favorite foundation suffering the heat and humidity, especially in my t-zone, my makeup base looses its coverage and separates. Even though I adore the Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer I also love a good bargain. Here's where the Catrice Primer Stick comes in, it's affordable, trendy and fit for all skin tones, but does it work?

When you take off the cap a foundation-like primer stick reveals, a swatch shows the product to be slightly pink and feeling really smooth and mattifying. The primer feels thick at first but blends in easy and thins out quickly. The packaging of the product is small, very convenient for travel and twists up if more product is needed. The stick is easy to work with and allows you to distribute product evenly, it creates a nice protective barrier for the skin and makes for a smooth application, and that for both liquid and powder products. I like to apply this product on moisturised skin, mainly in my t-zone and on my under eye area. The center of my face is where I need an extra boost for my makeup to stay flawless all day long.

Even after just one single use I already saw a major difference in my skin: the pores on the sides of my nose didn't show at all, when finished with my makeup routine, and a big wrinkle I have on my forehead, where foundation likes to settle during the day, remained nicely evened out. My skin was mattified without it looking or feeling dry and my makeup lasted significantly longer than when I don't use a primer (which happens often). I'm very impressed with how well this primer works, I never expected it to have such great benefits, especially considering I love an all-round budget friendly makeup routine. The Catrice Anti-shine Blur Stick can be worn alone, underneath or on top of makeup and does exactly what it promises on the packaging: mattify the skin, and erase pores and fine lines. 

I really like this new stick primer, however there are a couple of facts I would like to add to my review: the primer didn't make a big difference for my under eye area, it doesn't have a pleasant smell to it (it's not that noticeable but for those of you who care, like me, I thought I would mention it) and I don't find the stick the most hygienic packaging. If you have acne prone skin, I would chose for primers that come in tubes or pumps. Other than that, I think this is an excellent budget product

Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-shine Blur Stick €4.59

Q: What is your favorite primer? Is it budget proof? Are you familiar with the Catrice Cosmetics makeup brand? Do you like it? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Jolien!
    I just wanted to say that I loved this review. I was just looking for a good primer to conceal my pores and this review came in great time.
    I always take your opinions very seriously since you are one of the best at doing this reviews and because you focus on a lot of low-end makeup(such as essence,catrice, Kiko and H&M), the only makeup that I can afford.
    I hope you keep on doing this.
    Greetings from an average teen,with a makeup obsession, from Portugal.
    PS:Sorry about the long text

    1. Hi lovely! Thank you so much for your kind message, I really appreciate it :) I'm so glad I can help you out with your low budget makeup picks, drugstore makeup brands are making their prices go way up these days and aint not everyone have money for that! I hope the spring season in Portugal is treating you well, greetings from Brussels :D Xxxx <3


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