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Friday, 13 May 2016

How I Manage To Stay Lean Without Exercise

I grew up loving sports. I did horseback riding, ballet, contemporary dance and finished a 4 year education in Physical Education and Sports where I nearly had 10 hours of exercise a week, ranging from gymnastic classes to swimming to ball games. Now at age 25, I haven't practised any sports in years except from a couple hot flow yoga classes, I absolutely hate going to the gym, and I still manage to keep my body at a healthy weight, here's how.

Werk werk werk

I live the city life, and even thought public transport is lurking everywhere, I walk to most of my destinations. Meeting my boyfriend for lunch, takes 25 min one way, going to therapy is a 80 min walk every week, meeting up with a friend/relative is, potentially, another 20 to 35 min walk. The best type of exercise I have on those walks is 'doing stairs' (inside buildings, malls, shortcuts through stations, parks, etc.). Whenever you have a chance to choose between stairs, an escalator or an elevator, take the stairs, especially the ones going up! I like to skip one stair each time because doing so I create a position known as forward lunge or a split squat. It's great exercise for your butt an thighs, even for your abs if you remember to keep those tight in the meantime. 


I've never been one to diet or calorie restrict, in fact I like to eat whatever I want but I do find it important to eat balanced and to cook from scratch. It's not easy to have everything home made, but it's better. I purchase local/organic meat, fruit and vegetables as much as I can, eat organic bread, incorporate lots of pasta, rice and try to limit alcohol, soda, packaged snacks, baked or frozen premade food as much as possible. I've lived a biotarian lifestyle since I was born so bad eating habits were never really an issue, but living in a city now as an adult temptations are high. I don't order salads whenever I eat out, I enjoy fatty junk food, but I have it with moderation. 

What I want to improve

Something I would like to improve when it comes to staying lean without exercise is to strengthen my upper body. I have very broad shoulders by nature but that doesn't mean they're toned. Playing/working with kids every day when I used to be a nanny abroad kept my biceps in shape, because little ones like to be picked up a lot, now I longer have that type of 'exercise'. I don't think making children would be a good solution.

Q: Do you exercise on a regular basis? Is it hard for you to keep off weight? What are your eating habits like? Any tips of your own on how to stay lean without exercise? Leave it in the comments below! I always check out the blogs and social media profiles of people who leave genuine feedback and I try to get back to everyone as much as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the split squat position tip, hun! I add to my weekly routines a jogging session, once a week is not much, but I really am toooooo lazy! Usually Sunday morning is my running moment, the city is more relaxed. I also prefer to use EV olive oil in all my preparations rather than butter or seed oils (which undergo chemical processing). Pheeew what a serious comment hahaha
    Xxx Becca

    1. Extra virgin olive oil is the best and going running once a week is good to get that adrenaline going ;) Good luck with the split squats, you'll have a gorgeous booty in no time! Xxxx

  2. I like you live in the city, our transport isn't as frequent, its every 15 mins to a half an hour, but I love to walk. If its a nice day I would walk into town and enjoy the weather, rather then getting the bus. It takes me about 30 mins to get into the center of town.


    1. I think I actually kept the habit of walking everywhere because I used to live outside the city :) I'm really glad cause it's good exercise and saves a little money. Xxx


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