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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Essence Eyebrow Gel Pomade Review

When it comes to makeup trends Essence Cosmetics is always on top of the game, and the coloured brow gel trend is no exception. We've all seen how the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade absolutely slayed it in the eyebrow universe and became very loved in the beauty community. It was only a matter of time before drugstore makeup brands would follow. When Essence released their new makeup at the beginning of 2016 one of those products was the Eyebrow Gel Colour & Shape in the shade 01 Brown. It was my first time trying a brow pomade, ever, did it live up to my expectations? Here are my thoughts.

The packaging pretty much resembles all other brow gels available at the drugstore: the container is made from glass and the cap is plastic. I'm not a fan of the font they used to describe the product, the shiny finish makes it makes it look very cheap. Something more sleek, like the font on the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Concealer, would have been nicer. 01 Brown is currently the only shade available, I assume Essence wants to test the market before adding more. The shade looks quite ashy and dark in the container, I didn't think it would be a match for my blonde locks at all but the gel turned out looking much warmer in color than it actually appears.

I want to address the formula first, because I don't agree with the way Essence labeled this product at all. It doesn't have a gel consistency, it's more like an actual pencil formula but in jar form. The formula is thick, dry, yet easy to work with. The pigmentation is nice, a little bit goes a very long way, and the product is easy to manage. I somehow imagined it to be a little more smooth and 'flexible' to work with hence the name Eyebrow Gel, so I'm a little disappointed on that front. When it comes to the Colour & Shape that is exactly what this product does and it doesn't go beyond that. I don't feel like it keeps the brow hairs in place very well, I always feel the need to top it off with a brow fiber.

I think this product would work very nice on someone who has 'short' groomed brows. I keep my eyebrow hairs quite long because they wouldn't have a nice shape otherwise, in this product's case it plays at my disadvantage. The formula wears down the hair and makes my brows look sad. It's a pity I have to let this one go but my beloved Essence Eyebrow Designer always makes up for it!

Essence Eyebrow Gel Colour & Shape €2.99



  1. I have really dark brown eyebrows,I'm not sure will this color fit me.
    I like the texture and the price is amazing.
    Lovely review,xx


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