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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Essence Cosmetics Longlasting Velvet Matt Lipsticks Review & Swatches

The Essence Cosmetics 2016 makeup collection has been launched and loads of brand new products have been added to the permanent collection. I've always loved Essence lipsticks so I did not hesitate to purchase every single new release: 3 nude lipsticks which I have already reviewed and 4 longlasting lipsticks that I will review for you today: 21 Très Chic, 22 Girl Next Door, 23 Velvet Matt and 24 Velvet Matt.

The color scheme of the new longlasting lipsticks is fabulous, we have an intense magenta, a pinky nude, a reddish brown and a frosty pink shade. I love how diverse these are and how extensive the color selection is of this entire collection, not to mention the affordable price of €2.39-.

Swatches from top to bottom: 
24 Velvet Matt, 23 Velvet Matt, 21 Très Chic, 22 The Girl Next Door

I'm very impressed with these new lipsticks, nr 23 and 21 are most definitely my favorite. The velvet matte formula is pigmented, intense and longlasting. I do however prefer the regular longlasting lipsticks over the ones with the matte finish as they have less of a chemical taste. Girl Next Door is pretty but not my cup of tea, it has a satin finish and it reminds me a bit too much of nr 20 Get The Look. Also number 23 is very similar to the new nude velvet matt lipstick in 07, I've swatched them all out for you in this video if you are interested in a comparison

The long-lasting lipstick line from Essence is a range that truly is worth checking out. I own every single shade that has been released and they're absolutely lovely, not only to wear on a daily basis but also to experiment with if you're a beginner in makeup and are not really sure which kind of shades suit you best, these are 100% budget proof. 

Q: Do you like Essence makeup? Have you ever tried any of their lipsticks? What is your favourite makeup brand? Any lipsticks you want to recommend? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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