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Monday, 21 March 2016

Essence Cosmetics Shape Your Face Contouring Palette Review & Swatches

Contouring and highlighting is trending and it certainly hasn't escaped the eye of low budget makeup brands. Essence Cosmetics released two 'Shape Your Face Contouring Palettes': 10 Ready, set, peach! and 20 Ready, set, pink!. I included this peachy palette in a massive 2016 Essence Makeup Collection haul and now that I've gotten a chance to play around with it I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you.

I love this new palette, all shades have great pigmentation and complement each other beautifully. The bronzer is most definitely my favorite: it's warm and gives a very natural and shaped look to the skin. I like to apply it on the sides of my nose for a more sleek look, on my jaws to lightly accentuate those, on my ears for them to match the rest of my face and on my temples and hairline to diminish the size of my forehead. The blush looks like a bright orange but translates into a rose gold on the cheeks. It's unlike any other blush I have in my collection and it looks beautiful on pale skin. When it comes to the shade in the middle I don't really know how to describe it, Essence calls this the 'lighter powder' and suggests applying it to the highest points of the face, it's matte and has a little bit of a peachy edge to it. Since it does not include any shimmer I decided to start using it as a setting powder on my under eyes, the bridge of my nose and the space inbetween my eyebrows. It's not amazing but it does the job, I wish it would have been a baked highlighter, that would have been over the top smokin'.

Essence Shape Your Face Palette €3.99

Essence Cosmetics is a makeup brand that truly is worth checking out, it is 100% budget proof and the products they offer are absolutely lovely, not only to use on a daily basis but also to experiment with if you're a beginner and are not really sure what suits you best.


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