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Monday, 7 March 2016

Essence Cosmetics Nude Velvet Matt Lipsticks Review & Swatches

Essence Cosmetics has added new lipsticks to their permanent makeup collection of 2016, and considering I'm still very much obsessed with the #ilovenude trend edition lipsticks, the nude velvet matts certainly deserved a spot in my stash. Essence released three new shades: 06 Don't stop the Nude, 07 Velvet MATT and 08 Velvet MATT. Even though nr 06 is not actually labeled velvet matt, I decided to include it anyway since it was part of Essence's new cosmetics launch. Here are my thoughts.

I have always raved about these lipsticks: the packaging is very straightforward, simple and minimal, the colour matches the actual lipstick shade that is on the inside and I find the overall look a big improvement from what Essence used to produce in the past. The new lipstick shades are not at all similar to the #ilovenude trend edition lipsticks and are a great plus to anyone with a passion for nude lips.

The formula is comfortable, pigmented and very true to colour. The staying power is not amazing but considering that these retail for the affordable price of only €2.39, it's a great bargain. I very much enjoy wearing these lipsticks, more than any others I have in my entire stash of lippies  They are my go-to's time and time again. Essence offers so much variety it's actually rewarding.

Don't stop the Nude is definitely my favourite from this launch, it's a very dark brown with a slight hint of red, plum. Whenever there's a trend I really like, I'm confident Essence as a brand, will follow at some point. This shade has certainly met my expectations, it's a nude lipstick with an edgy touch and I like it. 

Velvet Matt number 07 (the swatch in the middle) is a pink, girl next door nude lipstick, wearable with pretty much any everyday makeup look. The differences between the velvet matts and the other, regular lipsticks is not that noticeable, the formula is a little more opaque and pigmented but it's hardly apparent. They are not completely matte either and this shade is very similar to the new long-lasting Velvet Matt nr 23, it's just slightly more pink. One issue I've had with number 07 in particular is that it tastes like chemicals, very much like a lip balm with SPF will do. The taste goes to the back of your throat and it's not pleasant.

Velvet Matt 08 is a mauve lip color, and to my surprise very neutral and wearable. If you're familiar with the #ilovenude lipstick nr 03 Come Naturally, it is a tad bit more brown than that one, and it would be very pretty paired up with the Essence long-lasting lipliner in 08 Girl Next Door.

The long-lasting lipstick line from Essence is a range that truly is worth checking out. I own every single shade that has been released and they're absolutely lovely, not only to wear on a daily basis but also to experiment with if you're a beginner in makeup and are not really sure which kind of shades suit you best, these are 100% budget proof. 

Q: Do you like Essence makeup? Have you ever tried any of their lipsticks? What is your favourite makeup brand? Any lipsticks you want to recommend? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love Essence but I've only tried their mascara. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Essence has a lot of great products in their collection, their lipsticks are my favorite :D Which mascaras do you like? Xxx

  2. Hi Jolien!

    I have just bought the Essence Velvet Matt 07 lipstick, and it surprised me, that this lipstick doesn’t color my lips. It’s look petched and smudgy furthermore the color highlight my wrinkles on my lips. So I went back to the store and bought a lipliner (essence lipliner 07 cute pink), but it didn’t work with the lipliner either, the lipstick just can’t color my lips, however I used a lipliner all over my lips first.
    Could you advise me something to make this lipstick work on me too? I have some other colors from this kind of lipsticks and it works great on me. I just don’t want to throw it out.

    Have a nice day!


    (Sorry for my bad english :) )

    1. Hey Arianna! Thanks for your comment and no worries :D I'm sorry they are not working out for you, maybe your lips are dehydrated? Do you moisturize your lips before applying lipstick? With a lip balm or something? It can make a big difference. Maybe you need a delicate lip scrub or an over night lip mask? That can also help, let me know if any of this works for you! :) Xxxx

    2. Hi!

      I changed my lip care routine and it seems the lipstick will work on me better. You thought well, my lips was too dehydrated, because my skin is extremely dry and I use a bunch of product to keep it well. I’m using in daily bases the Labello coconut lip butter and the Neutrogena repair lip balm and I thought this two product hydret my lips nice. So I scrubed first and after the Neutrogena I used one of my body moisturizer (I don’t know the English name, but the latin version is unguentum hydrosum), it’s a pharmacy made product, a white, heavy, greasy cream. And voilà, the lipstick look much better on me. I’m so happy, I’m sure after a few days I could wear the lipstick.
      Thanks for the advice!

      I like your youtube channel, and your website is also very nice! :)

    3. Hey girl, I'm so happy I could help! I think the product you described is an ointment, I also use it, (in case of emergencies usually, from the brand Bepanthol) :D it works really well. Thank you so much for writing me an update! I really appreciate it <3 Hope you had a great Easter! Xxxx


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