As I was reorganising my makeup collection yesterday I noticed how I had placed all the Elf Cosmetics makeup products in my 'throw away pile'. I've been very unfortunate when it comes to Elf makeup and after giving it some thought I came to the conclusion that it was about time I'd share with you why. For sure, I can't be the only one who's had issues with their products. Elf Cosmetics is a low budget beauty brand with a great range of makeup at super affordable prices, which in Europe is mainly sold online. I received a couple of their products in a makeup swap I did in my early Youtube days and I then later on also purchased some more myself. I was really excited, Elf makeup was trending at the time and I felt like a true beauty blogger. Finally I was able to try and talk about their makeup!

The baked blush in Rich Rose is the only product from Elf that I have been able to use without a problem - or now that I think about it, their contouring blush and bronzer duo in St. Lucia has never posed any issues either. All their other makeup has always caused an allergic reaction in one way or another. The brow kit came first, I remember being so obsessed with it that I used it every single day. This product was very hyped among beauty vloggers at the time and I was really excited to be participating in that hype. It didn't last very long though as my eyebrows soon started getting itchy, like really itchy. I was not even plucking my brows back then so it could only have been caused by the Elf Brow Kit. As soon as it was eliminated from my daily makeup routine my brows went back to normal, fortunately. The lip products were a little worse than the brow kit. The 1$ lipsticks caused an irritation immediately, creating painful little bumps all over my lips. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen! Their Matte Lip Colors caused the same problem but only after a couple days of wear. I remember the rash would stay around for more than a week and I wasn't able to use any other lip product until it was completely gone because it would just make the irritation worse. I still recall that uncomfortable burning sensation. What is your experience with Elf Cosmetics? Have you ever had any allergic reaction caused by makeup? Share it in the comments!