For some reason I always manage to surround myself with people who have great and interesting college degrees, there is not one person I know that doesn't have one or that is not studying at the moment. Even though I've learned to accept I don't have one and probably never will have that piece of paper in my hands, I still find it very frustrating and I need to remind myself every single day that there is more to life than academic skills.

I've attempted university twice and both times I was incredibly miserable so I wouldn't go back for the world but it still nibbles at my self esteem once in a while. Ever since I was a kid I felt like everything you were taught in school was so freaking useless, which is not entirely true but not entirely false either. You're not taught how the world actually works and every single piece of common sense and instinct is kicked out of your brain like it's a disease. At my university they hammered on that last one even more: following your instinct was wrong, always! They tried to explain there was a logic set of rules for everything. You can imagine that as a highly sensitive person who thinks with their emotions and trusts their instinct more than people, that was a huge problem haha. I don't regret for one little bit that I travelled abroad to work as I learned so much about life and, in my opinion, matured much faster than anyone else my age but I have a hard time giving myself credit for it and I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life.