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Monday, 28 December 2015

About Blogging⎢Finding Balance & Being Consistent

In this post I want to give myself a tap on the back and share how I finally managed to find the right balance when it comes to blogging, being consistent with it and most importantly: being happy with it. I love writing, editing and scheduling posts but, without a solid plan, blogging quickly becomes a chore. I started off wanting to put as much content out there as possible, trying to top very successful bloggers by posting articles every weekday. Of course it started real sweet, but shortly after it became impossible. I would miss out on one post, be discouraged and end up being inconsistent.

My ideal schedule right now is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The idea came from wanting to post every other day: if I didn't have any content ready one day I would still have time the day after to come up with something cute and exciting. Weekends would be dedicated to Youtube videos and voilà! I didn't realize how achievable these goals were until I found the need to start scheduling everything I wrote. Creativity, that felt so out of reach for a while, seemed to start flowing out of my fingertips. Of course I sometimes still spend hours prepping a post but I'm much more relaxed and satisfied with what I do now. I even manage to write out some of my Youtube content instead of just posting the actual video. Posting three times a week has worked out so great for me it wouldn't be any different in 2016. 

Q: How do you plan out your activities? Do you like planning? Tell me about the goals you'd like to achieve!

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  1. Versta ik volledig, overwerk jezelf niet. Ik verheug me althans op de 3 artikels dat ik elke week kan lezen ! En natuurlijk de leuke foto's op instagram! Keep up the good work ! ❤

    1. Oooh echt zo lief en zo cool :D mercikes, Prettige kerst!!


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