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Friday, 11 December 2015

NEW - Essence No Makeup Look Nail Polish Powdery Finish

Anything marketed 'au naturel' that can give my looks just that little bit of extra oomph really speaks to me, so when I took a glance at the Essence Cosmetics makeup display yesterday my eye fell on three new no makeup look nail polish shades with a powdery finish. Even though the polishes of this brand are not so much my thing the concept was just too interesting to let it go! I picked up the darkest shade of them all, 03 Powdery Nude, not really knowing what to expect I started prepping my nails and added a base coat. 

Product Claims: 'nail polish creating flawless & perfect natural looking nails with a soft matt finish.'

The polish has a very soft, sheer, pinky nude color. The formula is thick but coats the nails nicely and easily. I very much appreciated how fast the polish dried after every application and how soft my nails are to the touch now. I assume that's the powdery finish Essence is talking about. I went for two coats because I thought it looked more neat, but also merely out of pure habit. I agree with the description of the product: my nails look nice, pink and healthy. 

Q: What kind of nail polish do you prefer? Crazy shades or natural nudes? Do you like Essence nail polishes? WHat's your favorite polish brand? Be sure to let me know! Xoxo Jolien 

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  1. I like a little of both. It depends on my mood when I am doing my nails. That shade looks amazing.


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