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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Since a couple of Catrice Cosmetics eyeshadows recently made it into my favorites list, I decided to give the palettes from this brand a try and start off with their latest release: the Chocolate Nudes. My eyes opened up wide when I noticed that it had a variety of different finishes available: matte, satin and shimmer. I always have the impression that Catrice usually likes to go for only shimmery shades which, to be totally honest, makes it seem like their palettes shouldn't be purchased by a 25 year old (to put it nicely). Anyhow, I like the color selection of Chocolates Nudes, they are exactly the type of shades I like to combine for a daytime smoky eye nowadays.

Swatched on the spot the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is not amazing: the lightest colors, especially the matte ones, barely show up and the others are not that outstanding apart from, maybe, the dark, rusty shade. I tried using them with my new H&M Beauty Eye Primer and thankfully both the pigmentation and staying power improved drastically.

The first (from the left hehe) and the second to last eyeshadow are perfect to apply all over the eyelid. The matte white is my go to for the brow bone and the third shade I love using as a transition color. The satin finish eyeshadow next to that I use to smoke out my lower lashline and outer corner of my eye. Last but not least the matte rusty color is great for in the crease, it gives intensity and depth to the look.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette €4.99

I really enjoy this palette and even though I think it's quite complete, a simple, matte chocolate brown shade would have made it even more perfect. I always pair this palette up with an H&M single eyeshadow, the High Impact Eyeshadow in Candied Almond, for some extra definition in the crease. Well done Catrice, I'm ready for more variety!

Q: Have you tried any of Catrice Cosmetics's palettes? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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  1. Hey, I like your Swatch thank youu/ Feel free to visit my blog


  2. Omg, those swatches are gorgeous! Do you think I can get decent results on my eyes considering my face is elfish like pale, or would I look like a punched boxer? :P
    Xxx Becca

    1. Hey Becca :D I'm very pale myself and I think they look good, I'm also not a MUA so I'm sure you'll manage haha! Xxxx

  3. I love your blog as much as your YouTube channel! I was wondering if you might consider reviewing a couple of items from Catrice that have just.made their way to Malaysia (where I am, hehe). Of course, I don't even know how long ago these items would have been in Europe but here goes:

    1. Professional Contouring Duo
    2. Artist Blush Palette Trio
    3. Prime and Fine Translucent setting powder

    No worries at all if they don't catch your fancy or you can't find them.

    Thank you and love you!!

    1. Thank you :) I've been thinking about reviewing those for a while but I'm always hesitant. The translucent setting powder has good reviews however and people seem to like the Artist blush palette, the contouring palette doesn't seem to have a lot of buzz around it particularly. I'll see what I can do for you :D I've already spotted all of them at my drugstore so that's not a problem ;) Xxx Love you too!


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