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Monday, 22 June 2015

H&M Highlight Palette & Bronzing Powder

After browsing through the H&M makeup aisle for new products, two ginormous palettes managed to make it at the check out: the Highlight Palette in 'Gorgeous Light' and the Bronzing Powder in 'Gorgeous Glow'. Will these make it into my beauty routine? I'm always up for glowy and bronzy skin! Picking up these products I was especially excited about the packaging and the design, but having tried lots of H&M makeup before I honestly didn't expect the wow that came out of my mouth when I first used it. The texture of these is very soft and creamy. The pigmentation is great, intense and the product is easy to blend. I'm already a fan.

I really like the shade selection of the Highlight Palette: the idea of having 3 different shades to choose from depending on which makeup look you want to wear for the day is just very convenient. We have an intense pearly white shade, a nude peachy color and a pinky highlight. I also tried mixing the three shades and it turns into a soft, golden type of color which happens to be one of my favorite kind of highlighters to use. I really liked how the product applied on my face using a dampened beautyblender makeup sponge (something I rarely do but brushes didn't seem to pack on too much product for my liking) and I love how frosty this palette is, these shades certainly make a statement.

The bronzer trio, even though seemingly matte, has subtle golden tones in it. I like this product, but it's not any different from the regular bronzers I already have in my collection, which is kinda odd since it looks impressive and versatile. I also applied this using my beautyblender sponge. I didn't think beautyblender shaping was a thing but apparently it is because I was very pleased with the way it turned out, the shades are smooth and have great color pay off. The palette is basic but definitely worth a try if you're looking to add a new bronzer in your makeup collections.

If you're looking for new staples these could definitely be it, keep in mind that they are not very travel friendly though, the packaging is nice but very bulky. You'll need a big travel makeup bag. Thank you H&M for being awesome!



  1. ya know, I just bought the original beauty blender (finally!) and it's sooooo true what you were saying. Extremely life changing best product out there, haha. But how did you use this highlight/contour palette with beauty blender? I mean do we still need to get the sponge wet?

    xx ieyra | babysoulz.blogspot.com

    1. I know right! Yes I used the sponge wet and just dabbed the pointy side in the product :) it's really good at picking up powders.

  2. I think I HAVE to look for them :)


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