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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How Much I Spent On Makeup This Month #10

How Much I Spend On Makeup

November has begun so it's time for another breakdown of how much money I spend on makeup in October and how much makeup I've actually hauled. I've been doing this series for over 10 months already with the purpose of keeping my spending habits in check - and I'm honestly getting a bit nervous about nearing the end of 2017. I'm planning on doing a wrap up post at the end of the year, to assess how much lighter my wallet got over the past 12 months and I think I just might faint a little. Anyway, it's Halloween, shall we check whether I spent a horrifying amount of money on cosmetics? Let's see!

How Much I Spend On Makeup

- Makeup Haul Week 1

- Primark Just Peachy Eyeshadow Palette €4.50
- Primark My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer €3

I know, I have yet to review that concealer but the palette has been reviewed on my blog even including a beautiful eyeshadow look. Primark has been coming out with a lot of nice products lately and I'm here for it. The 'My Perfect Colour Liquid Concealer' is part of a range that encompasses shades for people with fair skin tones as well as people with deeper skin tones, which is just beyond exciting!

- Makeup Haul Week 2

- 2X Essence Metal Chrome Blush €2.99

I planned on picking up a lot more Essence makeup but everything was out of stock already. I'm really digging their new liquid highlighter and one of their new Ultra Last Lipsticks in 02 Cara-melted. I want to pick up at least 2 of that last one because Essence tends to discontinue a lot of my makeup favorites. The Chrome Blushes are also a must have for me at the moment, ever since I purchased the darkest shade, 30 the beauty and the bronze, I haven't used anything else.

- Makeup Haul Week 3

- no makeup expenses €0

- Makeup Haul Week 4

- Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray €27.90

- Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara €27.50 (PR)
- Urban Decay Vice Lipstick €19.50 (PR)

I'd run out of my Urban Decay All Nighter makeup spray already for more than a week and I was struggling real bad. I couldn't wait for payday! It's expensive but so worth it, when I finish my makeup I spray some on and it really enhances your whole entire look. I'm addicted. The Urban Decay PR samples are an awesome plus. I haven't tried anything yet from what I've received but I really like the formula of their metallized Vice Lipsticks so I'm confident this is going to be a hit as well.

Total amount of money spent on makeup this month: €41.38

Total amount of money spent in January €68.23
Total amount of money spent in February €87.21
Total amount of money spent in March €53.47
Total amount of money spent in April €40.91
Total amount of money spent in May €44,28
Total amount of money spent in June €76.36
Total amount of money spent in July €52.87
Total amount of money spent in August €149.39
Total amount of money spent in September €49.58

Even though I planned for this post to be a regular 'How Much Money I Spent On Makeup This Month', I didn't actually buy a lot of makeup, at all. What, I think, changed the game this time around is that I've been very organised when it comes to how I plan out my content these days. I started curating my Instagram feed and, as a result, a lot of my blogposts are planned out far ahead. I know exactly which makeup I want to review when and there hasn't really been any trend, this time around, that I felt like I needed to jump on. Another reason for this change is that I've been way more focussed on skin care. I still have a lot of acne on my forehead and I'm really hoping that will change now that I have a couple of new products again!



  1. What a great idea to track the expenses on makeup! I usually neglect mine and the small buys do add up (especially the more affordable brands like Essence!). I think I shall try it this month! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Sarah // www.beautybyrah.com

    1. Same here, I buy a lot of low budget makeup and it definitely ends up emptying my wallet :D XX

  2. Essence is goed en nog goedkoop ook. Geweldig toch :)

    1. Jaaa, er zijn zoveel producten van Essence die ik in my every day makeup routine gebruik!

  3. I really enjoy these series, strangely I love to see how much money goes towards makeup from our pockets πŸ’πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ muaah 😘

    1. Hey girl, so glad to hear from you! How's everything going? Love you! <3 Xxx


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