Cause Even A Girl Boss Needs A Break

I usually have my shit together when it comes to my online activities (e.g. blogging 3x a week and uploading on Youtube every Saturday) but for the last month or so not so much. I thought I'd change it up a bit over here and actually talk about why I've been recycling and upcycling some of my older blogposts, among other things, just to be able to keep everything running smoothly.

Truth is, I've been really tired and it's been taking a toll on my creativity. I'm still excited about blogging but whereas I usually have the words flowing out of my fingertips I find myself in front of blank pages quite often these days. I have the most beautiful images (I mean, check my Instagram feed) but I have no inspiration. Which is okay ... I know why I'm tired, but it's honestly downright, funnily annoying. I'm tired because I'm leaving my house again for the first time in 3 years. For those of you who follow my mental health journey you must have already heard me talking about this on my Snapchat but for those of you who don't: I suffer from depression and anxiety and after being in therapy more than a year (more about that here) I finally started going out more, hanging out with new people, make connections etc. Get my taste for life back, essentially. I'm still a homebody, don't get me wrong, a computer, an internet connection and my camera, honestly, is all I need but it's nice to be able to 'function' again, so to speak, and hang out with other humans.

I wish it wouldn't make me so tired though, however ... if I had to choose between being tired and being drained (which is what would happen in the past) I'd prefer tired, but I miss my creativity spurts a lot, and I hope they'll soon come back. My therapist has encouraged me to rest, but I sometimes think to myself that 'resting' is all I really do, and I'm bored.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you girls know that. I wouldn't really call this a 'writer's block' - it's sounds appropriate but I think this is a case of 'my body is tired but my brain is not' and as a result it doesn't function lol. I'm still going to try to post 3x a week, but if I miss a post here and there, this is why. Thank you for listening and I hope you have the most amazing day! Xxx Jolien

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  1. We all need a break from time to time and it's okay to slow down. Creativity has to be a flow, you can't just squeeze it out like an used toothpaste tube. ;)
    Xxxx Becca

  2. Recovery is a journey. Whether it be physical or mental, you need to give yourself time (and rest)in order to reach your "destination". Of course I miss you when you don't post, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :)

  3. We all deserve a break now and then, sometimes it's exactly what we need to get our mojo back. Some weeks I manage to post 3 times and others I don't post at all, it's really important to not be hard on yourself and allow yourself that freedom.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  4. This is a huge step in your personal growth, so congrats! You should be proud of yourself. Even though you said you might not be keeping up with your posting, you are improving personal life, and this is wayy more important. I am honestly so happy for you. As someone who suffers from similar mental health issues, I completely know what you mean. Even though I take medicine and see a therapist, I do feel extremely exhausted most of the time. Like you said, I'd rather be tired and be living my life, then do absolutely nothing. Keep doing you girl. Super proud xxx

    Melina |