How Much Money I Spent On Makeup This Month #1

Are you supposed to keep track of how much money you spend on makeup and beauty products? I'm not sure. I personally don't keep track of my makeup spending habits at all, but I am curious to see how much I actually spend and whether I could manage my expenses in a better way. That doesn't mean I just spend my money on everything I want, I don't. I feel like I spend my money within reason, but is that the actual reality? Let's have a look at how much money I spent on makeup in the month of January!

- Week 1

I went to the Netherlands to celebrate New Years and I definitely spent more than usual on makeup brands and makeup products that are not (always) available in drugstores where I live. I went shopping at Etos, Douglas, kruidvat, watch me haul the makeup here!

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer €2.99
Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer €2.99
Etos CC Radiance Cream €5.99
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick €8.80
H&M Beauty Lip Definer €4.99
H&M Beauty Lip Definer €4.99
H&M Beauty Superfine Browliner €6.99

Week 2

The funny part about shopping for makeup, is that I don't actually go out with the intention to shop for makeup (most of the time). I was stocking up on some toiletries in Kruidvat (Belgian Drugstore) when this foundation caught my eye. I'm not sure when this launched but it must have been a while ago, as I'm familiar with the line. I had no clue Maybelline had a Fit Me foundation for normal to dry skin! I'm loving it so far, watch me using it in a tutorial here.

Maybelline Fit Me Luminous + Smooth €12.49

Week 3

Kruidvat has been having some pretty awesome makeup deals lately, like .. a L'Oreal Cushion Foundation for only €11? I really enjoyed using that foundation when I picked it up last Summer. The 2B Illuminating Creams are a simple stock up, it is my go to everyday concealer, and since I've been going really heavy handed on my under eyes lately I didn't want to ignore the 2 makeup products for €7 deal. 

L'Oreal Cushion Foundation €11.00 (instead of €17.99)
2B Illuminating Correcting Cream €3.50 (instead of €5.50)
2B Illuminating Correcting Cream €3.50 (instead of €5.50)

Week 4

This was a week where I received multiple PR packages, some were pretty unexpected which was nice, I usually share what I receive on my snapchat so you can follow me there if you like! I did check out Primark to see if they had anything new makeup wise, as their beauty brand is always in line with the trends in the US. I did count on saving some money this week because Essence and Catrice Cosmetics will be launching their new 2017 Spring/Summer Makeup Collections soon (mid February-ish) and that will be one hell of a shopping trip!

No makeup expenses €0

Total amount of money spent on makeup this month: €68.23

I actually thought I'd spend more money, something like close to €100, but €70 I think is reasonable, considering I'm a beauty blogger. I am however eager to see how I'll do in the next few months, February might be a bit more brutal with all the new makeup launches but we'll see. How much money do you (think you) spend on makeup per month? Share it in the comments! 

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  1. Best wel confronterend om dit precies bij te houden, maar het valt mee, toch?! Malou x

    1. Hey! Ja, vooral als ik thuis kom na een beetje shoppen en dan denk van .. 'oh nu is er nog meer om toe te voegen op mijn makeup spending lijst' oeps! 😅

  2. Great post idea! Your total wasn't too bad. Can't wait to see how much you spend during Feb!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. Great idea for a blog post! Was expecting you to spend a bit more than that.. i'd be a bit scared to total up how much I spend on makeup a month


    1. Thank you :D I was scared too, I'm scared for this month lol Xxx