TOP 3 Budget Foundations You Should Try

Finding a foundation that actually looks like your own skin is no longer difficult, makeup brands have changed their game, perfected their formulas and a skin-like finish face product is now a staple. Finding a great low budget foundation that works, however, really is a challenge. No one wants to end up wearing an orange mask. I only have 3 requirements when it comes to foundations: it needs to cover up problem areas, such as redness and minor breakouts, look natural and give me a healthy, glowing complexion. Let's have a look at my top low budget proof foundation picks! 

I've always experienced stick type makeup products to be dry and patchy looking on the skin. This stick makeup from NYC is so smooth, so soft and so creamy and blendable that my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. It's good, really good, you can see my reaction in this video where I tried it for the first time live on camera. This foundation qualifies to be beyond any other foundation I have ever tried and I highly recommend it. It has light to medium coverage and gives a beautiful natural finish to the skin. 

I still can't believe this product isn't talked about online. I've been using it for years and it's incredible. The formula is pigmented, easy to blend and longlasting. It doesn't get into fine lines nor does it every get patchy and it's very low maintenance. I would say it has a solid medium type of coverage and works great even without the use of a primer. 

This is where Essence Cosmetics really stepped it up when it came to creating foundations. The Pure Nude formula is fluid, lightweight and very pigmented. It carries a nice fragrance and looks absolutely amazing paired up with the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro primer (primer is a must with this foundation if you want it to last). Whenever I use this foundation my skin looks sun kissed, golden and just overall beautiful and flawless. 

Q: What is your favorite foundation? Is it low budget? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Ooh I'll definitely give the Essence foundation a go! Thanks for sharing! xx.

    Sarah // Beautybyrah

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my post :D Xxx

  2. Essence Pure Nude is my current favourite low budget foundation too! It's lightweight and the finishing is nice. Very skin-like.

    ieyra h. | blog