4X Best Affordable Blushes

I've never really been one to follow makeup rules, I don't choose for bright eyeliners during Spring or Summer, I don't reach for darker lip colors during the Fall season and I don't choose for rose cheeks in Winter. I like to stick to my nudes, always. Bronzy brown blushes are my favorite, they are subtle but really flatter and give structure and dimension to the cheekbones. Here are 4 of my favorite, affordable blushes from the drugstore that brighten up every makeup look!

H&M Beauty powder Blush - Brown Sugar €7.99

This blush is pigmented! A fluffy, soft brush and a light hand will give a beautiful look to your cheeks. Even though it is a neutral shade it definitely stands out. It's one of those rose brown blushes that really makes a statement.

Essence Cosmetics Mosaic Blush - 30 Kissed By The Sun €2.99

If you're looking for a sunshine glow, this blush does just that. It's a beautiful orangy bronze blush with highlighter capacities. 

Essence Cosmetics Matt Touch Blush - 30 Rose Me Up €2.59

Even though this blush is matte, it has a soft and smooth formula. I find it performs like a satin finish blush but without the satin finish, which is nice. If you have dry skin and you usually don't really enjoy matte blushes I suggest trying this budget proof one from Essence!

Elf Baked Bronzer - St. Lucia €5.00

If your cheeks need a lift I highly recommend this bronzer/blush. It gives a beautiful sheen to the skin and makes your makeup looks flawless and poreless. Whenever I have a bad skin day or I need my makeup to have an extra "oomph" I use this! It makes my face look like porcelain but in a beautiful, natural way. 

Q: What is your favorite blush? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Replies
    1. They also have loads of other shades if you're interested 😊

  2. Ooh, die zien er allemaal zo leuk uit!
    Ik heb eigenlijk nog nooit blush gekocht of zelfs aangehad, maar ben wel van plan om er eens eentje aan te schaffen. Welke van de vier is je favoriet? :)

    1. Als je nog nooit blush gebruikt hebt zou ik die van Elf en/of de Essence Matt Touch Blush kiezen :D Mijn favo is de blush waar ik de pan hebt geraakt, de Essence Mosaic Blush. Niet zo lang geleden was ik ook zoals jou, ik gebruikte nooit blush, nu vind ik dat het een groot verschil maakt :D Xxx