16 Lifestyle Changes I Made in 2016

In a time when people are thinking about which new years resolutions they should make, I decided to take a look back at all the positive and healthy lifestyle changes I have made over the past year. 2016 has been tough on many of us, including me, my family, my city (Brussels), but we can't ignore the fact that we've made it through, that we are strong and that we can make it. I'm proud of my accomplishments and I thought it would be great to share them with you. Here's 16 lifestyle changes I have made in 2016.

1) Drink more water - I literally used to forget to drink.
2) Drink less alcohol - Cause one glass a day doesn't keep the doctor away.
3) Go to therapy - Fun fact, I tried to break up with my therapist and I failed, check it out here.
4) Reduce eating red meat - I'm way less tired after eating a meal now and less bloated.
5) Practise self care - I was taught to feel guilty about self care so this was a tough one.
6) Have a sleeping schedule - Going to sleep before midnight is a must.
7) Start drinking vegan milk - Almond milk is the shit!
8) Establish boundaries - I learnt to have respect for myself.
9) Build bridges instead of burning them - Casual friendships are okay.
10) Embracing minimalism - Fewer clothes, less furniture, less stuff feels so liberating.
11) Dare to try new things - Not let anxiety get the best of me.
12) Allow myself to be happy - You're not responsible for other people's happiness.
13) Stop feeling guilty - Embrace the good, defeat the bad.
14) Learn to accept help - Listen to the things you don't want to hear.
15) Switched off most phone notifications - Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, they can wait.
16) I blogged consistently for the whole year - Posting 3 times a week is my ideal schedule.

One of my 2017 goals are definitely to start working out, in a gym preferably. I used to work out for at least 2-3 hours every day and going from that to nothing isn't all that great. I'm not talking about my body's appearance but about my overall wellbeing. Getting my adrenaline going definitely will help with some issues I have regarding certain body pains that come with having anxiety. What is your goal for 2017? 

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  1. Sounds like a good change! :) a good lesson for Al of us I guess.

  2. I am very glad for you!!!! and for all those positive changes! I am sure 2017 will be a even better year for you! you deserve it girl!! hugs and kisses!

    1. Thanks honey! Happy New Year 😘💜🎄

  3. Wish you all good in 2017. Kisses XX

    1. Thank you and likewise of course :) Happy New Year! xxx