Articles you should read to slay at blogging & remain true to yourself

As a blogger I love reading anything blog related, and in the past few months I've come across a few articles that made me think 'wow'. Blogging has become more than just blogging, everyone seems to have strategy and think in numbers, but in the mids of that all, slaying at blogging and remaining true to yourself seems to get a bit lost. Here are 4 fun and interesting posts to shake your blogging spirit! 

>> Why everything you hear about how to blog is wrong by

Helene touches on the truth about becoming successful at blogging, what you hear about blogging and why it is wrong. This post truly is a breath of fresh air amongst every other 'how to blog' article I've ever read. 

>> Why bloggers aren't replying to your PR email by

PR companies don't always approach bloggers the way they should, so I was amazed when I saw this post from Dana Fox dedicated to PR brands. I have to say I feel a lot less guilty about not responding to every 'PR message' I receive in my inbox.  

>> Why your relatability as a blogger doesn't interest me by

This rant from Haley is quite a read. I love the essence of this article, the title is catchy and the message is clear: you do you boo and I'll do me. 

>> Glossiness & Blogging by

This article by Charlotte Harvs is about the evolution of Blogging, what it once was and what it has become today: a business. Are you, as a blogger, turning into a marketing machine or are you staying true to your colors?

>> So you want to be a blogger? by

When brands started realising how strong of a 'marketing tool' working with bloggers really was, keeping it 'real' on the blogger's front became history. Michelle explains how brands completely changed the blogging industry by simply picking and choosing which blogs were supposedly more valuable, and managed to change something fun, created by girls in their bedrooms, into a competition.

Q: Which blogposts do you like to read the most? Leave it in the comments below! 

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  1. Thank you for including me in your list! I'll be sure to read the other posts you've recommended :) 👽

  2. Just read a few of these, they're super helpful! Thanks for sharing :) Time to up my game haha. xo

    Sarah |

  3. Awhhh thank you for including me :) So glad you liked the post <3

    1. You're so welcome :) you have such great writing skills! Xxxx

  4. That post by Helene just gave me all of the energy I needed to leave the "#girlboss blogger cult" and get back to me, my why and what I love about blogging. Great round up!

    1. That is so awesome to hear! You're welcome honey! Xxx :D