What I Learned Trying 1€ Press On Nails For A Day

During an afternoon shopping stroll I found these cute, matte, baby pink press on nails at Primark for as little as €1,50-. Since I've never had a manicure in my life and wanted to have a feel for what stiletto (or claw) nails would look like on me, I thought this was a great opportunity. You can't go wrong with a pack of 24 individual, pink nails for that cheap. After some shaping and glueing, here's what I found out trying €1 press on nails for the first time!

-I stabbed myself in the face more than I can count
-It's nearly impossible to type or use any kind of keyboard
-It's easier to pick your nose and teeth
-I didn't want to do a number 2 
-They miraculously held up while showering
-I totally slayed the nail blogger scene on Instagram
-Preparing food became the ultimate challenge
-The ticking sound they make touching surfaces is addictive
-They are an awesome scratching tool
-Now my natural nails are covered in that nasty adhesive

Golden accessories are by SIX - check out my Haul

Q: How do you like your nails? Covered in polish, au naturel, gel or acrylics? Share it in the comments below! 

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  1. Haha, heel erg herkenbaar :D! Ik heb het ook altijd moeilijk met koken als ik valse nagels op heb.

    1. Ik denk dat ik volgende keer kortere nagels probeer 😂

  2. LOL! :)

    Ik speel ook gitaar.. dus het hebben van lange nagels is helemaal niet handig. :P

    Maar deze zien er wel erg gaaf uit!

    1. Ik vond ze er ook leuk uitzien maar ze zijn inderdaad super onhandig! :D

  3. I love wearing nail polish! I'm pretty sure I'd last five minutes wearing press-on nails hahaha It was very nice to see your experience!

    onmywayacqua.blogspot.com | Acqua xx

    1. I love wearing nail polish as well, but I've been soo lazy lately when it comes to doing a proper manicure so everything ends up chipping the same day :P lol Thanks honey!

  4. I usually like to only wear polish but once in a while I get acrylics. They look so pretty and I just feel super girly with them, haha! And obviously they're great for photos. :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  5. The ticking sound they make touching surfaces is addictive


    I prefer natural and from time to time nail polish still I did once acrylics but the process is so painful they destroy your nails .. not gel yet and unless I have an special ocassion i wont try it !! :p I laughed a couple of times with this post :D haha

    1. I'm glad :D I want to try acrylics so bad now that I had these press on nails, it was so pretty but sooo unhandy :P