TOP 3 Favorite Mood Uplifting Podcasts

There are 3 podcasts I listen to religiously, and they all have me bursting out in laughter time and time again. They are a part of my self care routine, my natural medicine to stress, anxiety and mood swings. They make me happy, feel like I'm a part of something. I love a good conversation about sex, relationships, internet drama, youtube creator's drama in particular, and more recently also pop culture. Here's a top 3 list of podcasts you have to follow! 

Blogger VS. Wordpress - Which is better & why?

The amount of bloggers I follow that have moved their website from the Blogger platform to Wordpress is so high it honestly is making me sweat. What is so great about Wordpress that Blogger just can't keep its users? I keep hearing about these amazing plugins and SEO advantages but somehow I just can't be bothered. Everything I want and need, is on my site. Is Wordpress worth it or is it just a hype? 

Best & Worst Drugstore Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are trending, there's no doubt about it, pull off a great matte liquid lip and you can take over the internet. High end makeup brands seem to slay the scene, and with Kylie Jenner's recent lip kit launches, makeup lovers are going absolutely nuts over a liquid lip look. I was wondering, do highstreet makeup companies have our back? Can they provide awesome and affordable liquid lipsticks? Here's my review and comparison of the best and worst matte drugstore liquid lipsticks!

Primark PS PRO 3 euro Beautyblender Micro Mini Makeup Sponge DUPE - Hot or Not?!

Primark has expanded their makeup department. Next to the extremely affordable PS Love makeup line they have recently launched the PS PRO makeup line that offers a wide range of makeup products such as the PS PRO longwear mineralized foundations and concealers, the PS PRO miracle, illuminating and mattifying primers, the PS PRO rich color lipsticks and the PS PRO ultra shine lip glosses. Along with that come a couple of PS PRO makeup tools, one of them being the PS Pro 4PK mini blenders. They look like the beautyblender micro mini sponges, is it a dupe?

I survived another year⎜Turning 26

When I realised a couple weeks ago that it was going to my birthday today I got really upset, I didn't want to turn 26 and I didn't want to celebrate my birthday. I felt as if there was nothing to celebrate and that I didn't deserve to be celebrated. The feeling of simply not wanting to 'be' or 'exist' was overwhelming, and it quickly turned into tears. I had trouble figuring out what I had accomplished this year, what there was to be proud of, which milestones I had achieved. I took me a while but I got there eventually: I survived another year and that is good enough.

TOP 6 Multipurpose Makeup Products

Whether you need to pull off a makeup look in 5 min or it's time to put together a travel makeup kit, multipurpose makeup products always come in handy. They make for flexibility, cut down the time you spend getting ready and create more space in you everyday makeup bag. Here is my top 6 multipurpose makeup products! 

Catrice Cosmetics Contourious Limited Edition

Contouring, tontouring, non-touring, about every form of contouring has seen a makeup trend and it's not over yet! Catrice Cosmetics is releasing a limited edition makeup collection all about shaping and setting beautiful accents with the illusion of light and shadow. I came, I saw, I contoured, here's Contourious by Catrice.

Primark PS PRO Makeup Collection Review

After the great success of the Primark PS Love makeup collection, Primark Beauty decided to release another premium, drugstore cosmetics line of affordable makeup called PS Pro makeup. Contrary to their PS Love makeup, the packaging and outlook of the products have a more expensive and quality feel to them. I've already tried the PS Love range, let's see what the PS Pro makeup line has to offer.