Why your favorite beauty blogger doesn't respond to your DM

As my presence as a beauty blogger and vlogger is becoming increasingly bigger online so is the amount of messages from subscribers that I receive in my inbox becoming more and more considerable. I have to admit that it's very overwhelming at times, and that even though I find it important to get back to absolutely everyone I noticed that there are some DM's I very much like to skip, here's why.

You're creepy

Even if you don't intend to be, being creepy really doesn't take much. Fan girling and over enthusiasm can make you seem very invasive and sometimes even disrespectful. You have to remember that you only know a blogger from their online content, and even if it's very personal content, sadly enough you're still just a stranger.

Your message is too long

Long, unstructured messages are tiring to read and time consuming. Time is money, especially for someone who is self employed. Keep your DM's short and get to the point quickly. This doesn't only apply for personal messages, it's the exact same when it comes to business inquiries. 

You're not using the proper channels

Using someone's business email to send a personal message is a true no-go, why? You're crossing boundaries. It's true that sending DM's through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook easily get lost, and that you would love for your message to be seen, but every blogger does have some sort of channel specifically for personal messages, if they don't it's most probably because they've come across a lot of people from the first bullet point.

It's about responsibility

Personal stories are touching, but it gets difficult when it is clear from the message you are expecting something in return. Something as simple as asking for advice is not always a responsibility a blogger is willing to take on, especially because it simply isn't their responsibility. 

You're asking something you could google yourself

This happens all too often, asking for information about a product that is very easily just found online. It also might already be written out in the description box of the video or mentioned in the blogpost. Everything is only one click away, why waste that click on writing a message to a beauty blogger that has already given all the details. 

Bloggers are not in way, shape or form different from regular people. Treat them like you would treat any one around you, meaning with respect and consideration. They don't know the answer to everything and cannot solve every issue that you may have. They are people who struggle just like you and have feelings just like you.

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    1. Sweetie it's just a matter of balance and boundaries :) I like to hear from you but it can be scary at times because I cannot take responsibilities for your life. I think it would be good for you to talk with someone that knows you in person and that is close to you :) <3 Xxxx

  2. Good morning from Michigan

  3. I get what you are saying completely sometimes people get way too personal love you anywaysxx

    1. I'm glad you're so understanding, thank you so much :) I've kept your hilarious face swap by the way, it makes me laugh so much when I have a bad day! <3 Xxxx