Rituals⎜In-flight Summer beauty travel essentials

Whenever the Summer season approaches going on a vacation is all that's on my mind, but going on a trip means I need to invest in some great travel beauty gear. Every year I find myself looking for the perfect in-flight, sample size skincare and haircare essentials and not every single beauty brand seems to have an allround collection of products. Rituals, I found, has an amazing array of great quality and luxurious feeling 'mini rituals' that will perfectly fit in your hand luggage right along with your makeup.

As a first time trier of the brand, I'm genuinely surprised how amazing the beauty products from Rituals are. The scent of the different collections is very pleasant, fresh, floral and soft, the Ritual of Sakura collection infused with rice milk and cherry blossom is most definitely my favorite. The deodorant I have already purchased full size, the Hammam Delight foaming shower gel was a definite hit and the Shikakai Secret conditioner is so nourishing that a pea size amount is all I need to coat my hair. I'm so happy I finally found a brand I can count on whenever I'm going to travel, Summer in-flight beauty essentials, check!

Rituals of Sakura 50ml anti-perspirant spray €3.50 
Rituals of Sakura 50ml foaming shower gel €4.50
Rituals Hammam Delight 50ml foaming shower gel €4.50
Rituals 30ml creamy foam cleanser €4.50
Shikakai Secret 70ml nourishing ultra-shine conditioner €4.00

Q: Where are you going on vacation this summer? What is one of you must have travel beauty essentials? Have you ever tried the 'mini rituals'? Be sure to let me know in the comments! 

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  1. OMG this is exactly what I needed, thank you so much, I'm so up for those travel size foam cleansers! greetings from Leuven :) Xxx

    1. Aw that's awesome :D You're welcome! <3 Xxx