Essence 'The Beach House' Trend Edition

Essence Cosmetics has gone all out for the Summer season releasing a new collection in June called 'The beach house', inspired by clear blue skies and the endless open space of the ocean. The trend edition offers accents of aquatic turquoise and petrol, sandy shades, off-white and pink as well as coral as contrasting colours create a light, summery makeup look. It carries everything from a sun-beach-tan highlight to four gorgeous nail polishes with maritime effects to ensure you're all set for that effortless and beachy style.

The beach house beach glow fluid 
01 girls just wanna have sun 30 ml

TANtastic! The beach glow fluid ensures a gorgeous complexion – just like you’ve spent the day at the beach. You can add targeted highlights to your face and neckline with the light texture. Alternative, the fluid can be mixed with a day cream to create a subtle glow. 

The beach house duo blush 
01 give me vitamin sea!

Fun in the sun. The two-tone blush in pink-coral gives the cheeks a fresh look. The soft surface of the blush is also decorated with the cool zig-zag embossment.

The beach house core lipstick 
01 beachy keen, 02 a summer kinda girl

Shiny lips. The core lipsticks in coral and pink provide the lips with a summery touch of colour. Thanks to the contrasting shade of the core, the colours blend to create unique results in a “beach bleached” look. 

The beach house duo eyeshadow
01 build me a sandcastle! 02 sea you soon!

Beach beauty! Two eyeshadows with fresh colour combinations – ivory- sand and white-coral – create gorgeous colour effects on the eyes. The cool zig-zag embossment on the surface is a true eye-catcher, too! 

The beach house nail polish
01 beachy keen, 02 a summer kinda girl, 03 sandy toes salty kisses, 04 splish splash

See the sea. Maritime nail styles reminiscent of the sparkling surface of the ocean or fresh salt water. Pink and coral have a “water shine effect”, whit surprises with a “sea salt effect” and blue convinces with a matt finish on the nails. 

The beach house Kabuki brush
01 don't make a wave!

The kabuki brush with soft and supple synthetic bristles is ideal for the duo blush, but can also be used with all other powder textures – no matter whether loose or pressed. In a zig-zag pattern with starfish designs and a cute message.

Essence ''The beach house' will be available in stores from mid June until mid July 2016 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Finland, France, Spain, Peru, Bahrain, Israel, Malta, and Sri Lanka.

If this trend edition would be available in Belgium, I would be all over that beach glow fluid, the blush and the lipsticks. The products look amazing, I'm beyond excited about this limited edition!

Q: What do you think about the trend edition? Do you like the selection of products? Leave it in the comments below! I always check out the blogs and social media profiles of people who leave genuine feedback and I try to get back to everyone as much as possible.

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Pictures: Essence Cosmetics


  1. I cannot wait to see this come out! Here in New Zealand we are entering winter so we won't be getting it any time soon. It looks pretty and shiny and amazeing! I would love to try the beach glow and see if it has alot of pigment or is only a litter there! I really enjoy your blog and youtube! I run the talk of Felicity blog you may have seen on Instagram and I am really enjoying your writing type and learning about you! Go strong!

    1. I watch some New Zealand beauty bloggers on youtube and the season change is so confusing haha, do you have a string New Zealand accent? I love it so much :) Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes I recognise your username from instagram, you're always so sweet! <3 Xxx