Blogpost Ideas That Did Exceptionally Well

As a blogger you don't really get to pick and choose which articles will blow up the analytics on your site. Of course keeping yourself informed about the kind of content that is popular on your blog is important but some posts just happen to do really well when you least expect it and that with only a minimal amount of self promotion. Here are 4 blogpost ideas that did exceptionally well on my website.

5 reasons why you're not a successful blogger

- On the perks of being a small blogger

Growing an empire online is beyond challenging, especially when you don't have a background in business and marketing, or simply don't have the right connections. There are however a couple of things that definitely play at your advantage when you're planning on making yourself a great online success, fast! Read more >>

Why I stopped using elf cosmetics

- On bad experiences and what I learned from them

As I was reorganising my makeup collection I noticed how I had placed all the Elf Cosmetics makeup products in my 'throw away pile'. I've been very unfortunate when it comes to Elf makeup and after giving it some thought I concluded it was about time I'd share that with you. I can for sure not be the only one who's had issues with their products. Read more >>

5 low budget makeup products not worth your money

- On sharing how to save money

Being a beauty blogger I like to keep up with new products, new trends and knowing what's the best drugstore makeup products out there. Low budget makeup products are my favorite but sometimes they don't turn out to be so great. Here are some cosmetics you can happily leave in the makeup display and save some money on. Read more >>

Essence Pure Nude Foundation & Concealer Review

- On exciting product launches and new drugstore makeup gems

Essence Cosmetics launched a new makeup line: Pure Nude. Following the popular nude makeup trend they released baked powders, liquid foundations, concealer sticks and even more recently also a baked highlighter. Here are my thoughts on the base products. Read more >>

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It is interesting how some content can become a self-runner and success when others (on which you may have spent days to craft) do'nt get picked up so well. My best blog posts are the ones that come naturally to me and that I can write up in a few minutes. Others which I have spent ages on, sometimes only get average views.

    Here's one example:

    Hope you're well and we'll speak soon x

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. I agree! Or the posts that you think will be a great success aren't and the ones that just seem average to you end up being super popular haha .. blogging is so unpredictable! Thanks for sharing! Xxx :D