10 thoughts I have on the angry vegan movement and its negative online community

If there is one trend that has been gaining a lot of attention it is definitely the vegan lifestyle. As much as I admire vegans and their cause, there are a lot of aspects of the vegan online community that I find more negative than positive. Veganism is said to be beneficial for your health, the animals, the planet, and is pretty much represented as 'the perfect lifestyle'. Here are 10 of my thoughts on the attitude of the vegan online community. You might consider some of these bullet points nitpicking, but I find vegans do nothing but nitpicking when it comes to criticizing meat eaters.

They grew a conscience and that makes you a bad person

The vegan concept is relatively new, not many vegans today have been born into to this lifestyle. From what I have seen a lot of vegans just happened to grow a conscience one day and think that is good enough to start criticizing everyone around them, even though they consumed animal products for years beforehand.

Most suffered a drug and/or eating disorder in the past

If veganism helped you get over a drug addiction or an eating disorder, that is awesome and I encourage you to continue and find peace with yourself. I do however find this to be a common trait among vegans, as well as coming from a very bad nutritional background, like growing up with a family that has really bad eating habits. It basically is swapping one extreme habit for the other, from extremely unhealthy to extremely healthy. 

Say veganism is a lifestyle

Talk about a 'vegan lifestyle' but only choose to address the animal abuse. What about recycling, being eco friendly, choosing for eco friendly products and services, limiting water and energy consumption, making conscious fashion choices? Wearing clothing made by children in a third world countries is not abuse? The animal industry is one of the most polluting yes, but so is the fashion industry and so are many other industries. The fact that they have a less evident impact does not mean they are less important. Any sort of pollution also kills animals. 

Associate being skinny with being healthy

The emphasis that is placed on being skinny when it comes to the vegan community I find absolutely repulsive. Being skinny doesn't mean you're a healthy person, at all. In a society where we fight so hard to get this ridiculous and impossible beauty ideal removed from billboards, tv and magazines, this is a huge step back. 

Veganism is used as a free pass for bullying

Is animal abuse okay? No it is not, but harassing other human beings about it isn't okay either. Calling it 'education' and 'awareness' is immoral. Bullying is not effective activism and it gives the lifestyle nothing but a bad reputation. (Here's the part where every vegan says animal abuse is immoral, which is also a subject I touch on further below).

Vegans don't like cooking

I thought vegans with a big online audience would be dedicated to cooking delicious, vegan meals, I found that not to be accurate. Most vegans like premade food and don't go any further than making fresh smoothies for themselves in the morning. How is it then that you spend your days trash talking what other people cook? 

It's going to solve all your problems

The amount of times I've heard that being vegan is going to solve all your problems is ridiculous. Literally every single problem you have in your life will be solved if you go vegan. Looking for alternatives to medication is great, but no lifestyle can claim to solve every single issue you might have, that doesn't exist. Are you missing an arm? Go vegan!

Vegans only target beauty and lifestyle bloggers

Beauty bloggers have a large following and a lot of influence, they're treated by the vegan community as if they're the source of all cruel behaviour but without them, honestly, vegans wouldn't have much exposure, so it's a catch 22.

Animal abuse is the answer to everything

Every single time a vegan is being challenged and/or questioned for some of the choices, the subject will somehow always go back to animal abuse even when it has nothing to do with the discussed subject. Why are you a negative person? Animal abuse.

Any use of animal products is labelled as abuse

How is eating eggs from chickens or consuming homemade honey and dairy products from animals you keep in your own backyard animal abuse? Not all pets are treated inhumanely or live in horrible conditions. The animal industry does not equal all of humanity. Most vegans honestly have no clue (or simply choose to ignore) about the daily dynamics of a normal farm. 

Ultimately everything you do has and will have an negative impact on the planet and every single living being on it. There is no perfect lifestyle, if you want to make the world a better place stop bashing others in the first place. Everyone is entitled to support the cause they deem important, whether it is animal rights, human rights, reducing the ecological footprint, etc.

Q: What is your take on the vegan lifestyle? How do you think it's represented online? Are you a vegan? Are you interested in being vegan? What do you think about veganism overall? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. I was interested to follow this vegan lifestyle last year and I managed to do it for three months. I did my research but I came across so many negative things, I told myself wtf, what is this? Negative people that bullied others for not following it, obsessed youtubers calling others in their videos and stalking popular ones to see what they were eating in their vlogs (I remember watching FreeLee the banana girl bullying others and I freaked out).

    I agree, it's not only animal abuse. Do we recycle? Do we wear clothes made by people and children that are paid with a piece of bread every day? It's not difficult for me to cut meat and stop eating it, I never liked meat anyway, I am more of a pasta and salad girl but it's not just that. The negativity is driving people away and I do not understand the obsession.


    1. I wrote this article from a biotarian point of view, I was taught being eco friendly and buying/eating organic/local food is important, not only for your health but for the planet. Even though I respect vegans I don't see where this facade of grandeur comes from, some of the vegan beliefs are simply not realistic. If you truly don't want to hurt anything or anyone you should be living in a cabin in the woods. I'm familiar with Freelee and I agree, I don't like how she represents the vegan movement.

  2. I simply do not understand their extremist attitude and complete closure to whatever argument you may wish to feed the discussion with. They will always say "murder' "animal abuse" "gross"... bla bla bla. I think it is evident that any abuse is unhealthy. Of course eating meat every day does not seem like a wise choice, both for health and for environmental reasons. But there is no need to become a fundamentalist, a preacher that will point the heretics to the flames... come on, these people seriously need to grow up. But maybe it is just a way to feed their ego and find an identity.
    Peace out amigos.
    Xxx Becca

    1. Yes, an identity and a place in this world. I think the way this lifestyle is represented also appeals because it comes with a feeling of authority, it's so much easier to spread hate rather than positivity. Thanks Becca! :)

    2. But Jolien, isn't spreading hate the purpose of this article?

    3. Which hateful message am I spreading?

  3. I used to be a vegetarian for 2 years but I had to start eating meat again since I stopped getting my period on the vegetarian diet. My body obviously didn't appreciate the abscent of meat.
    It makes me worried that I've only seen young girls promoting veganism, and I have only seen young girls receiving critisism and getting bullied about their diet. It makes me uncomfortable when eating disorders are so common in that exact target group; young girls! I think the risk of it getting unhealthy or leading to an eating disorder is too big. Being extremely focused on what you eat... It sounds dangerous to me. Especially if you're young and especially if you're a female. I don't like it when people are promoting it. It just makes me worried. In my opinion eating disorders are more dangerous than eating meat or dairy once in a while. If you want to contribute there are a lot of other ways to do it. Controlling your food in such a religous way is not the best alternative for your mental health in my opinion.

    1. 'eating disorders are more dangerous than eating meat or dairy once in a while' I love your statement and I couldn't agree more. I like that you focussed on the subject from another perspective and I understand your concern, this lifestyle cannot be healthy for young minds :)

  4. Thank you so much for this post!
    There is no way I can open Youtube and don't see one video about veganism, why it is good, why you should start the whole thing... Don't get me wrong, I do lead and love a healthy lifestyle, but they are way too verbally aggressive.

    By the way, love your blogg and videos :)

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :) They're verbally aggressive and hysterical, I saw a vegan recommending a child today, to call the authorities if her parents feed her animal products, ridiculous. I can't believe they'd say such a thing, like they're hoping one day for a vegan police squad. Have a nice day honey! Xxx <3

  5. I agree with this post on so many levels. Although as Ellenor said, veganism isn't exactly 100% healthy lifestyle. Meat contains a lot of proteins, milk has essential amino acids and calcium, yogurt and cheese are important too. And like she said, drop kicking these things out of your diet isn't healthy unless you properly supplement them. It's amazing how vegans blatantly disregard previous researches on nutrition. There's a reason why meat and animal products are on the food pyramid?

    Yeah so if any vegan came up to me and said to go vegan because because it's healthy, it's a flat out no from my side and I will tell them that they're being wrong and to stop it. But if you're going vegan for your beliefs or your ideals, by all means, go ahead. i won't be stopping you there at all.

    I wrote a similar post about veganism on my blog too :)

    1. None of these vegans are qualified to talk about important things like that in fact, most of them can't even be bothered to educate themselves and actually be involved in activism outside of social media. I can't believe repeating the same things over and over again actually convinces people to participate in this madness :) could you link your post for me, I was not able to find it! Thank you :D Xxx

  6. I don't want to create a debate or anything (especially that it isn't my first language and I may not understand everything..) but I think it's really sad that most of the time people assume that because there are "extreme" and judgy vegans all of them are the same.
    I was actually choked when I saw on the comment section of some video how people can be mean with each others.. and this apply to BOTH "side". I felt insulted, howover I'm not vegan I've been vegetarian for 6 years now and it wasn't like that before. Sure some people didn't understood why I was vegetarien but NEVER was I insulted like that...
    I think the worst I have read was a "meat-eater" (I don't like to use category like that for people) telling that all vegan should die because they were a cult and this people prett much said that being vegan was the same as being nazi. On the other side I read a comment of a vegan girl who said that people who eat meat should be ashamed because they are like rapist and murderer and that they souldn't exist.
    My point is that there are idiots in both side. I don't think that pointing finger at the vegans, the vegetarians or the meat-eaters is the answer because not everyone is the same and there are also really nice people in both side.
    Sorry for the long text but it just make me sad to see where the society is going...

    On a more happy note i really liked your blog, you did a really good job with it :)

    1. Aw thank you, that's so sweet of you :) You're absolutely right, no one isn't guilty is this 'game' and the people commenting think about themselves far away from reality which is wrong. However, I do think the vegan community is not well represented online and that the most popular vegans are very close minded about what veganism actually is, and they take measures that are close to harassment and violence to get their point across.

  7. Love this! I could not agree more with you :) It is very frustrating to hear people part of this community constantly criticize meat-eater choices, however are so sensitive to criticism about being vegan.

    ps, love your youtube channel as well, greetings from albania xoxo

    1. Exactly, I'm glad more and more people started speaking up about this, having such a negative mindset just can't be healthy :) Thank you so much! Have a nice day honey! Xxxx