Why you should use Instagram to grow your blog/website

IG: joliennathalie

It's been a little over 2 months now that I've been using Instagram and I've noticed it having a huge impact on my analytics, when it comes to my blog. I think this shows how having a smartphone actually is very important if you want to survive in this jungle of bloggers. I thought the Instagram craze was only going to be temporary, but now that I've created an account I can see how it's just getting started, hence the introduction of ads recently.

Apart from the increased traffic, I've also been able to connect with more of my followers and fellow #belgianbloggers. Stalking people through their pictures has never been easier and direct messaging is no longer taboo. It's quite lovely in a lot of aspects, really. This ease of interaction you don't find on any other social network. I've been trying to grow mainly trough the use of my facebook page and even though it has a lot more features available it's not quite as immediate. I collect 20X more likes on Instagram than I do on facebook, which I have been using for about two and a half years. One of the perks of Instagram is that it literally turns anyone into a photographer. The filters you can apply turn any photo from dull into absolute glam, and whatever your picture is about, Instagram has an audience for it (when using the right hashtags of course).

To wrap up this post here is a summary of why I think you should create an Instagram account: 

- increase traffic to your blog
- connect with followers & fellow bloggers
- more reach compared to other social media outlets
- super easy to work with

Q: What do you use Instagram for? Spam your IG username down below!


  1. I use my instagram account to talk w/ people who reads my blog and to share some tips. I think that it's really fun and useful :)

    my account is @elrincondelamimi <3

    1. It's very fun indeed, I completely agree! Have a nice day :)

  2. I use my Instagram as my diary. I love documenting every moment of my life especially now that I'm in Law school.
    My instagram account is @kittengmak :)

    1. Woooow I'm impressed! How is law school treating you so far? :D