Why I Blog & How You Can Too

A question I get asked very frequently, especially in private messages, is how I started blogging and why. I often hear that 'all beauty blogs are the same' and that 'there is nothing new beauty wise to talk about'. Well I think that's wrong. Beauty trends change all the time and while lots of beauty bloggers jump on the same band wagon (including me) but everyone does it in their own way. There is something just so personal about beauty blogging, it's way more beautiful than reading a girly magazine for example. You're much closer to the writer and there is more interaction. 

3 things you don't ask a person suffering from depression & anxiety

Most people understand the concept of depression and anxiety but when being confronted with a person who actually suffers from these diseases it is very difficult to comprehend what's actually going on because it doesn't necessarily manifest itself. To make sure you stay in the 'safe zone' I made a list for you of three things you definitely don't want to ask a depressed, anxious or even burned out person.

Tous en Noir #jesuisparis

Out of respect of what happened in Paris on Friday the 13th I pushed back my scheduled post and wanted to participate, not only with my blog but also personally, in the 'Tous en noir' initiative to show my support to the French and to the families that have been affected by this tragedy.

NEW - H&M Beauty Lip Definer Review & Swatches

I picked up two lip liners from H&M Beauty: Au Naturel' and 'Choc Therapy', I got a chance to swatch them in the shop and I got really excited. H&M recently revamped their makeup line and I'm slowly but surely getting through the entire collection. Their new eye products have become absolute staples for eyeshadow looks and I am currently using their Immaculate Compact Foundation in Porcelain as as a part of my 'Flawless Face Routine'. Let's see what their lip products have in store. 

How to beat anxiety in 30 seconds⎢My experience and advice

As a highly sensitive person I'm very prone to anxiety, I stress out easily and there's often this chaos in my head that I find difficult to eject. In this post I want to talk to you about some tricks that have helped to lower my anxiety tremendously, within seconds, without spending one penny! How does that work you say? Trust me, the only thing you need are your ears and some faith.