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Vita Verde Rosewater Review - How I Cleared up my Skin!

Even though rosewater made it into my skincare routine as a toner because of its ability to restore the ph of your skin, in my case it has also greatly proven its anti inflammatory and moisturizing properties. I don't have problematic skin but sudden reccuring breakouts all over my T-zone made me cringe and cry. My skin was angry and had enough of salicylic acid.

4 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Time for a recap! Here are five blog posts that received the most attention from you in 2014.

1) Nude Love Essence Lipstick nr11 Review 

This is the one blog post that truly got a lot of traffic going to my blog. Not only did I write about a product that I absolutely l-o-v-e and own every single shade of, it was nice to see that the hard work finally paid off. I also have to thank the @Essence_UK team for supporting me and kindly RT-ing my tweets on twitter!