Why I Blog & How You Can Too

A question I get asked very frequently, especially in private messages, is how I started blogging and why. I often hear that 'all beauty blogs are the same' and that 'there is nothing new beauty wise to talk about'. Well I think that's wrong. Beauty trends change all the time and while lots of beauty bloggers jump on the same band wagon (including me) but everyone does it in their own way. There is something just so personal about beauty blogging, it's way more beautiful than reading a girly magazine for example. You're much closer to the writer and there is more interaction. 

I started blogging because I couldn't find great articles about the products and tools I personally was interested in. Solution? I'll just write those damn articles myself. Also, I have the attention span of a chicken so I like posts to be short and sweet. Very long beauty articles easily loose my concentration. I like to think my blog posts are short and straight to the point, which oddly enough represents me as a person as I am also like that in my daily life. Skip the BS and tell me what you want. The answer as to how I started blogging is very simple: I've always had a passion for writing ever since I was little so that was never a problem, the problem for me was content. I have this weird thing in my head that when I write things wrong or make mistakes the paper I am using or the notebook I am writing in is somehow 'tainted' (yes that is most definitely OCD-ish) so the only way for me to actually blow off steam writing is posting everything online. I can update and change articles whenever I want, wherever I want. Anyway I guess the moral of the story is: blog for yourself and because it makes you feel good. Who cares if you only have 27 followers, at least you know they are organic, loving and loyal, that's all that matters.

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  1. Best advice ever! Seriously, you're kinda amazing!

  2. Ahh that was a nice read! Your blog is so lovely :)


    1. Thanks so much, I like the name of your blog, really catchy :D