How to beat anxiety in 30 seconds⎢My experience and advice

As a highly sensitive person I'm very prone to anxiety, I stress out easily and there's often this chaos in my head that I find difficult to eject. In this post I want to talk to you about some tricks that have helped to lower my anxiety tremendously, within seconds, without spending one penny! How does that work you say? Trust me, the only thing you need are your ears and some faith.

Beat it

Not so long ago I discovered 'isochronic tones' which basically are audio tracks with beats that synchronise with the electric pulses in your brain and have the ability to stabilise your train of thoughts. You can find loads of these audio tracks on Youtube. Of course not all tracks are scientifically proven but I decided to go into it with an open mind and just select the tracks that I liked the most. 

Today I carry these track everywhere with me. They are on my computer, iPod, phone, ... they're almost like a safety net. They've proven useful to either keep my mind at peace (stop overthinking), to concentrate on work, to calm me down during stressful events or to relax before going to sleep. 

Enjoy it

It also got me thinking about which other sounds I really enjoyed. For me personally they are nature sounds: the sound of water, rain, thunder, the seaside, etc. You can find videos on Youtube about this as well, some of them last up to 10 hours. One interesting Youtube channel I recently discovered is YellowBrickCinema. They upload hours of any type of relaxing music, and that on a daily basis. 

Let it last

I highly encourage you to discover some of these options if you struggle with anxiety or simply need to free your mind from judgement. They help me out a lot. If you're interested, here is also a list of my Top 3 Favorite Mood Uplifting Podcasts, just like the tones and sounds, these are an essential part of my self care routine. 

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