About Blogging⎢Finding Balance & Being Consistent

In this post I want to give myself a tap on the back and share how I finally managed to find the right balance when it comes to blogging, being consistent with it and most importantly: being happy with it. I love writing, editing and scheduling posts but, without a solid plan, blogging quickly becomes a chore. I started off wanting to put as much content out there as possible, trying to top very successful bloggers by posting articles every weekday. Of course it started real sweet, but shortly after it became impossible. I would miss out on one post, be discouraged and end up being inconsistent.

Catrice Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review

Since a couple of Catrice Cosmetics eyeshadows recently made it into my favorites list, I decided to give the palettes from this brand a try and start off with their latest release: the Chocolate Nudes. My eyes opened up wide when I noticed that it had a variety of different finishes available: matte, satin and shimmer. I always have the impression that Catrice usually likes to go for only shimmery shades which, to be totally honest, makes it seem like their palettes shouldn't be purchased by a 25 year old (to put it nicely). Anyhow, I like the color selection of Chocolates Nudes, they are exactly the type of shades I like to combine for a daytime smoky eye nowadays.

Blogging Culture⎢a Comment for a Comment, a Like for a Like, What Needs to Change in 2016

I spend an enormous amount of time online and I follow more people than I am actually followed by myself on all of my social media accounts combined. I follow creators because I genuinely like their content, I don't comment for a comment and I don't like for a like. If I ever made you think that way I can tell you I am very much allergic to bullshit and I consider my time precious. Have I ever attempted doing it? Absolutely! Funny enough it just got me extremely bored.

NEW - Essence No Makeup Look Nail Polish Powdery Finish

Anything marketed 'au naturel' that can give my looks just that little bit of extra oomph really speaks to me, so when I took a glance at the Essence Cosmetics makeup display yesterday my eye fell on three new no makeup look nail polish shades with a powdery finish. Even though the polishes of this brand are not so much my thing the concept was just too interesting to let it go! I picked up the darkest shade of them all, 03 Powdery Nude, not really knowing what to expect I started prepping my nails and added a base coat. 

Life Is More Than Academic Skills

For some reason I always manage to surround myself with people who have great and interesting college degrees, there is not one person I know that doesn't have one or that is not studying at the moment. Even though I've learned to accept I don't have one and probably never will have that piece of paper in my hands, I still find it very frustrating and I need to remind myself every single day that there is more to life than academic skills.

H&M Beauty⎢Eye Fidelity Primer Review

 I've been browsing through the rest of H&M Beauty's new makeup collection and since I am so enthusiastic about their new single eyeshadows I decided to pick up their Eye Fidelity Primer. The name of the product is real catchy and the style reminds me a bit of Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Let's see how faithful this primer actually is, and on top of that how it works combined with their shadows!

Why I Blog & How You Can Too

A question I get asked very frequently, especially in private messages, is how I started blogging and why. I often hear that 'all beauty blogs are the same' and that 'there is nothing new beauty wise to talk about'. Well I think that's wrong. Beauty trends change all the time and while lots of beauty bloggers jump on the same band wagon (including me) but everyone does it in their own way. There is something just so personal about beauty blogging, it's way more beautiful than reading a girly magazine for example. You're much closer to the writer and there is more interaction. 

3 things you don't ask a person suffering from depression & anxiety

Most people understand the concept of depression and anxiety but when being confronted with a person who actually suffers from these diseases it is very difficult to comprehend what's actually going on because it doesn't necessarily manifest itself. To make sure you stay in the 'safe zone' I made a list for you of three things you definitely don't want to ask a depressed, anxious or even burned out person.

Tous en Noir #jesuisparis

Out of respect of what happened in Paris on Friday the 13th I pushed back my scheduled post and wanted to participate, not only with my blog but also personally, in the 'Tous en noir' initiative to show my support to the French and to the families that have been affected by this tragedy.

NEW - H&M Beauty Lip Definer Review & Swatches

I picked up two lip liners from H&M Beauty: Au Naturel' and 'Choc Therapy', I got a chance to swatch them in the shop and I got really excited. H&M recently revamped their makeup line and I'm slowly but surely getting through the entire collection. Their new eye products have become absolute staples for eyeshadow looks and I am currently using their Immaculate Compact Foundation in Porcelain as as a part of my 'Flawless Face Routine'. Let's see what their lip products have in store. 

How to beat anxiety in 30 seconds⎢My experience and advice

As a highly sensitive person I'm very prone to anxiety, I stress out easily and there's often this chaos in my head that I find difficult to eject. In this post I want to talk to you about some tricks that have helped to lower my anxiety tremendously, within seconds, without spending one penny! How does that work you say? Trust me, the only thing you need are your ears and some faith.

My Budge(t) Proof Eyebrow Routine for Blondes

This is not just a random budge(t) proof brow routine with random budget products, this is my everyday die hard brow routine. Every product in this post is 100% loved and approved me and yes it is truly and totally budge and budget proof.

NEW - H&M Beauty High Impact Eye Colour Eyeshadow Review

H&M has completely revamped their makeup line, and it's bigger and bolder than ever. New packaging, new formulas, more products and of course higher prices. This review is all about the H&M Beauty High Impact Eye Colour Vivid Pigment Eyeshadows. I purchased 5 different shades: Chin chin, Candied almondShiittake, Act your beige and Brownie points. I decided to go for five different shades of brown, in three completely different finishes. Let's have a look!

H&M Beauty Colour Essence Eye Cream Review

H&M has completely revamped their makeup line and it's bigger and bolder than ever! H&M Beauty has new packaging, new formulas, more products and of course higher prices. I'm doing my first review about their Colour Essence Eye Cream in the shade 'Countess', a beautiful copper, cream eyeshadow.

NEW - Essence Pure Nude Makeup Foundation & Concealer Review

Essence Cosmetics launched a new makeup line to be part of their makeup collection: Pure Nude. Following the popular nude makeup trend they released baked powders, liquid foundations, concealer sticks and even more recently also a baked highlighter. I purchased the Pure Nude Makeup Natural Finish Foundation in the shade 10 pure beige and the Pure Nude Concealer also in the shade pure beige. Here are my thoughts.

Mixa Anti-Redness Hydrating Cream Does it work?

Redness is the reason I started wearing makeup and because of makeup I started taking care of my skin better. I've had red cheeks since the day I was born but good cleansers, toners and moisturizers certainly have a great difference. Not so long ago a new skin care brand launched in Belgium: Mixa, the sensitive skin expert. The Hydrating Anti-Redness Cream really spoke to me, for obvious reasons, so let's find out what this is all about!

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick Review

Essence came out with new lipsticks for their fall/winter makeup collection and I couldn't resist to haul a couple of my default lip shades: a nude, here '04 Hidden Secret', and a pink, '11 All About Cupcake'. They have 13 shades available, let's see what these two are all about and then move on from there because you know, are they really all sheer and shine?

H&M Highlight Palette & Bronzing Powder Trio

After browsing through the H&M makeup aisle for new products, two ginormous palettes managed to make it at the check out: the Highlight Palette in 'Gorgous Light' and the Bronzing Powder in 'Gorgeous Glow'. Will these make it into my beauty routine? I'm always up for glowy and bronzy skin!

Personal - I'm a SAHG

Funny enough I only found out about this term yesterday. Of course I knew what a 'stay at home girlfriend' was but not that is was referred to as SAHG. I caught a nasty tweet about about it on twitter, although I'm pretty sure the girl didn't mean for it to be that way. After that I decided to google being a SAHG and the results were just as hurtful.

The Original Beautyblender vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge⎜Which one is best?

On my shopping trip to Switzerland I was finally able to get a hold of the Original Beautyblender makeup sponge. I found it at a department store called 'Manor', there was a special display with all products coming from the US, very exciting to say the least! After using beautyblender dupes for years I just had to know what this extremely hyped sponge was all about. Is it really worth it? Will it make me ditch my beloved Real Techniques sponge forever?! Lets find out.

Essence Lipstick nr 20 Get The Look Review

Essence Cosmetics surprised us with a very light, barbie pink shade. My first impression was that it was different from all the other longlasting lipstick shades; innocent, girly, almost like it belongs in the purse of a snow princess. Unfortunately there is a reason why I don't have an actual Lip Swatch in this post, because of my pigmented lips this shade looks horrendous on me. The formula lacks pigmentation, it's so sheer it settles immediately into fine lines. It reminds me of the nude shades '01 Wearing only a Smile' and '04 It's Nude Time' from the #ilovenude trend edition. They are just as sheer and just as unwearable.

Personal - How I Quit Smoking

I unexpectedly stopped smoking 2 years ago. I never actually planned to stop. I was 16 when I started, I think just out of pure curiosity. I was growing up, trying to find my place in the world, attempting to smoke away my worries. At 22 I was smoking close to 2 packs a day, one during the day and one at night when I would go out for drinks and parties.

Essence I love Nude Lipsticks Review & Swatches

The new Essence Longlasting Lipsticks are my absolute favorite lipsticks ever. They are pigmented, have an incredible comfortable formula, there are an amazing amount of shades to choose from and they are super affordable. I own every single one Essence has released so there's no way I was going to miss out on the #ilovenude trend edition. Lets get swatching.